Wolfgang Schmidt / The Transsexual Serial Killer / The Pink Giant

Wolfgang SchmidtWolfgang Schmidt

On October 24th, in 1989, in the town of Brandenburg, Wolfgang Schmidt murdered 51 year old, Edeltraud Nixdorf. She was outside planting tulips in her garden. The police suspected her husband of the murder but in March, the following year, her husband committed suicide by poisoning himself.

On May 24th, the following year, Schmidt raped 55 year old Christa Naujoks, then murdered her by strangling her with a cord. Her body was later found in a junkyard, on the 25th of May. At the scene the investigators found pink ladies’ underwear which didn’t belong to the victim.

On March 13th, in 1991, Schmidt stabbed 34 year old Inge Borkheide to death, in the woods of Neuendorf, Beelitz. Hikers found her body a week later, Inge Borkheide had also been raped.

Wolfgang Murders A Child

On March 22nd, in 1991, 44 year old Tamara P. was walking through the woods with her 3 month old son, Stanislaw, in his stroller. Schmidt grabbed the baby out of the stroller and smashed him up against a tree, killing him instantly. He then gagged Tamara with a bra and strangled her to death.

On April 5th, in 1991, only 14 days after the death of Tamara P. and her son, Schmidt spots two 12 year old girls in a wooded area, nearby a village church in Ludwigsfeld. He grabs hold of one of the girls and was only able to scratch at her face with a knife. The girl fought off Schmidt and escaped.

A Description

For the first time, police were able to get a description of the man from the two girls who were attacked. And who the police believed was the man was the ‘Beelitz Murderer.’ A composite sketch was prepared and published.

On the same day, when the two girls were being questioned about their attacker, Schmidt enters the home of 66 year old Talita and strangles her and defiles her corpse.

On August 1st, two men were jogging in the woods and discovered a man masturbating with a bra on under his jacket. The two men grabbed the man and handed him over to the police. Wolfgang Schmidt was formally arrested.

Wolfgang Schmidt Sentenced

Wolfgang SchmidtIn late 1992, Wolfgang Schmidt was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was sent him to the Forensic Hospital in Brandenburg.

Wolfgang Schmidt petitioned the court with a request to be addressed, in the future, as a woman and asked that his name be changed. In 2001, the courts granted Schmidt’s wishes and his name was changed to “Beate.”

Since 2009 Wolfgang Schmidt has undergone a hormone treatment for gender reassignment. In 2010, Schmidt was investigated for raping and causing another transsexual inmate to attempt suicide.


credit – murderpedia