Lori Vallow: The Doomsday Mother

For years, Lori Vallow had been devoted to her children and her Mormon faith. Then she met Chad Daybell, a religious zealot who taught his followers how to prepare for the end-times. Soon Lori was someone no one could recognize. She had definately changed. As authorities searched for Lori’s missing children, they uncovered more suspicious deaths with links to both Lori and Chad. Then in June of 2020, the remains of the children, JJ and Tylee, were discovered on Daybells’s property. The couple was arrested and charged with murder. And in a shocking development, horrifying statements revealed that the couple’s fanatical beliefs had convinced them the children had become zombies–a belief that may have led to their deaths. (Amazon)

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The Doomsday Mother: Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell, and the End of an American Family

Lori Vallow is the subject of John Glatt‘s book The Doomsday Mother, which examines her involvement in the mysterious 2019 disappearance of her two children, Joshua Vallow and Tylee Ryan. The book takes an indepth look at the background of Vallow and her husband, Chad Daybell, and their involvement in doomsday cults. The book paints a picture of a woman who was willing to go to any lengths to protect her children, even if it meant sacrificing them to fulfill her apocalyptic beliefs.

The book starts with the disappearance of the two children and follows the investigation of their disappearance through the eyes of the Idaho police and the FBI. Glatt goes into great detail to describe the events leading up to the disappearance, including Vallow and Daybell‘s involvement in a cult called Preparing A People. Glatt also delves into the strange and often terrifying beliefs of the group, which include the expectation that the world will end soon and that the group‘s members must prepare for the coming apocalypse.

The book explores Vallow‘s background, including her troubled childhood growing up in a dysfunctional family, her time spent in a psychiatric hospital and her involvement in various religious cults. Glatt also examines the relationship between Vallow and Daybell, and how their mutual involvement in the cult led to them marrying and disappearing together. Glatt also looks at the role of Vallow‘s exhusband, Charles Vallow, in the events leading up to the disappearance.

In the end, Glatt provides readers with an indepth look into the strange and complex world of doomsday cults and their hold on individuals, as well as an insight into the mind of Lori Vallow.

The Doomsday Mother is an interesting and thoughtprovoking read that will leave readers with a greater understanding of the power of cults and the dangers of extreme beliefs.



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