Roger Kibbe – The I-5 Strangler – Believed to have murdered 38

Roger Kibbe Is the I-5 Strangler

Roger Kibbe

March 8th, 2008

Stockton, CA – Sometimes Lady Justice takes her time, but when she finally arrives, it’s always an entrance worth writing about. On Friday, a grand jury indicted Roger Kibbe, 68, for the murders of Lou Ellen Burleigh, Lora Heedick, Barbara Ann Scott, Stephanie Brown, Charmaine Sabrah, and Katherine Kelly Quinones. Burleigh was killed in 1977, the other women were all dumped near Interstate 5 in California in 1986. Roger Kibbe was already serving a prison term for the 1987 murder of Darcie Frankenpohl, a 17-year-old runaway from Seattle.

Roger Kibbe had long been suspected of the other murders, but due to California law about county jurisdiction, it was impossible to try Kibbe for all the murders in all the counties. After the laws were changed, the cases were reopened, and a grand jury spent February hearing evidence in the serial murders. The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office is prosecuting all of the murders as one case, but is working with district attorneys in other counties where the victims were killed.

Roger Kibbe liked to abduct girls and women, rape them, assault them, do bad things to them, and then strangle them with their own clothes. He’d leave most of the bodies thrown out like trash along I-5, hence the catchy nickname. His victims are named in the indictment: Lou Ellen Burleigh was killed around September 15, 1977. Lora Heedick was killed on or around April 21, 1986. Next murdered was Barbara Ann Scott on July 3, 1986. Stephanie Brown was murdered on or about July 15, 1986. Charmaine Sabrah died at Kibbe’s hand around August 17, 1986, and Katherine Kelly Quinones was killed around about November 5, 1986.

Roger Kibbe

Roger KibbeThe murder that got Roger Kibbe put away was Darcie Frackenpohl. He was convicted in March 1991 for Darcie’s murder. The pretty blonde teenager was a prostitute in West Sacramento whose body was found dumped near Echo Summit, CA, in 1987. Kibbe got 25 years to life, and was coming up for parole when the other cases were reopened.

Thing is, it was well known that Roger Kibbe was probably the guy behind these murders. He didn’t keep his mouth shut very well, and there were even books written in the 1990’s naming him as the prime suspect. But the law can be complacent and have a short memory. With Kibbe behind bars for Darcie Frankenpohl’s murder, nobody outside the victims’ families were too worried about him – until they realized that Kibbe could very soon be up for parole.

If Kibbe was convicted of the murder charges with special circumstances, he would be eligible for the death penalty. The special circumstances are prior conviction for murder, the alleged commission of multiple murders, and murder accompanies by rape, kidnapping, and oral copulation. These circumstances existed.

In 2009, Roger Kibbe was found guilty of six counts of murder and was given six life sentences. He will never see the light of day again.

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