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WickedWe was created to expose the true and, oft times creepy, tragic, scary and horrifically dark side of humanity. Not only against our planet, its elements and the creatures that survive on it, but likewise the utterly wicked and depraved treatment that we as humans reek upon each other. Sometimes it is external, but, at other times, it can be found within ourselves. Oh wicked, WickedWe. The intent of the authors of these pages is to inform, entertain and expose the horrifyingly evil and tragic events that are facts in our everyday lives across this vast planet that we exist upon. That being the dark side that walks with each of us on a daily basis whether we realize it or not. Here at The WickedWe Shop, we entertain with a complete line of fun gifts, products and apparel inspired by our love of true crime for those with the same morbid curiosity about the dark side of humanity.



William Darrell Lindsey
Pathology of William Darrell Lindsey | Infamous Serial Killer

William Darrell Lindsey murdered 7 young women between 1983 and 1996 in the states of North Carolina and Florida. He disposed of the bodies in various waterways in the St. Augustine, Florida area. He was finally apprehended on December 29,1996. It’s important first to understand the modus operandi of William Darrell Lindsey. He was a sexual sadist and a serial murderer who was considered a disorganized lust killer. Lindsey was suspected in seven sadistic sex slayings, murdering each of his victims through strangulations, beatings and shootings. All his victims were sadistically raped and the corpse abused after their death, before being

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Pathology of John Wayne Gacy | Infamous Serial Killer

Pathology can be defined as the scientific study and characterization of an anomaly/ disease/ abnormality. Gacy had a little bit of everything.

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William Darrell Lindsay
William Darrell Lindsey / Sexual Sadist / American Serial Killer

William Darrell Lindsey, a serial killer who terrorized St. Augustine, Florida, in the 1980’s and who admitted to seven sadistic sex slayings. Authorities believe there were many more.

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