WickedWe hosts a complete line of gifts, products and apparel inspired by true crime and the dark side of humanity.

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WickedWe was created to expose the true and, oft times creepy, tragic, scary and horrifically dark side of humanity. Not only against our planet, its elements and the creatures that survive on it, but likewise the utterly wicked and depraved treatment that we as humans reek upon each other. Sometimes it is external, but, at other times, it can be found within ourselves. Oh wicked, WickedWe. The intent of the authors of these pages is to inform, entertain and expose the horrifyingly evil and tragic events that are facts in our everyday lives across this vast planet that we exist upon. That being the dark side that walks with each of us on a daily basis whether we realize it or not. Here at The WickedWe Shop, we entertain with a complete line of fun gifts, products and apparel inspired by our love of true crime for those with the same morbid curiosity about the dark side of humanity.



Gerald-and-Charleen Gallego
Gerald Gallego / Charlene Williams / The Gallego Sex Slaves Killers

When he mentioned his desire for ‘disposable sex slaves’, the sadistic little bitch in her spirit was ignited at once.

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Tracy Edwards Stopped Jeffrey Dahmer

When Tracy Edwards met Jeffrey Dahmer in 1991, he had no idea he was about to reveal the Milwaukee Canniibal and become a hero

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Joel Rifkin / New York’s Most Prolific Serial Killer

Something about him set him apart that made him natural prey to all manner of cruelties. So he turned the tables

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