Rampage of Revenge – Ludy’s Massacre


George Hennard

“This is what Bell County did to me,” George Jo Hennard shouted into the room, crowded with 80 startled and confused lunch time patrons of Ludy’s Cafeteria. “. . . This is payback day!”

He lifted a Glock 17 and opened fire.

In 1991,  George Jo Hennard, plowed his truck through the large, pane-glass windows of a busy Texas cafeteria.

After the initial shock of the moment, several customers hurried to check on the driver of the vehicle. Much to their dismay, they met with death, in the form of a man with a semi automatic pistol and a hatred he could calm no more. He opened fire indiscriminately, the screams of the suddenly terrified, scrambling humans drowned out only by the ceaseless sound of rapid gun fire. People ducked under anything they could for cover, as he moved toward the serving table and fired without pause at the horrified crowd huddled near it.

Like a man on a mission, with a well thought out plan, George moved deliberately through the room killing the helpless patrons with a single, point-blank shot to the head. He would stop only long enough to load a new clip and order a young woman and her child out of the building, before aiming the reloaded pistol at an old woman and pulling the trigger.

Ten minutes into the nightmare, that would light up every news cast in the next 30 minutes and go down in the history books as ‘one fucked up day in Texas’, four police officers pulled onto the scene and opened fire on the ‘oddball that lived with his mother in a mansion and screamed obscenities at passing women’, who George loathed with a passion and saw only as worthless ‘bitches and vipers’.

Now wounded, with four bullet holes of his own, George made his way to the back of the room and took one more life.

His own.

Twenty  three people lay dead and George’s hatred for women was all gone.

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pic credit- Murderpedia