Five Creepy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About John Wayne Gacy

Gacy1John Wayne Gacy is one of the most recognized names in the world of horrific crimes. He was a prolific, homosexual serial rapist and cold blooded killer. He was convicted of the rape, torturer and murders of 33 young men and boys between 1971 and 1978. (Rumor has it that there were probably a lot more !)

Creepy Fact Number 1

John never graduated high school. (That’s not the creepy part) Instead he dropped out in his senior year and left his native Illinois for Vegas. There he found employment at a mortuary, as an attendant. Here’s the creepy part – It was here, in Vegas, where he discovered and, more than likely, actually allowed himself for the first time, to explore his sexual fascination with two things. One was the fact that when he saw the body of a young man laying dead in a casket, he was aroused. And secondly – the really fucked up part – was that the ‘dead’ part was what was turning him on. He crawled into the casket with the corpse and laid down against the dead body and caressed and fondled and cuddled with it. Now that’s the creepy part! But this wouldn’t be the last time John would lay and cuddle with dead boys. It would just be the first and would become a reoccurring trait that he would adopt over the years of murder that were, as yet, still out in front of him. He would, in the years to come, often keep the corpses of his victims as close as he could until decomposition would demand disposal. Even then he didn’t move the bodies far. Just into the crawl space under his house! YUCK! That’s pretty creepy too!