Teenager Confessed He Planned The Murder All Week

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Carlos Delgado, second from left. Quentin Schafer, far right


One of two teenagers, accused in the brutal beating and stabbing death of a Wyoming, MI 16-year-old, Micheal White, told a detective that he “planned to do it all week.”

The startling testimony came from Wyoming Police Detective, D.J. Verhage, during a Wednesday, May 18th, hearing in Wyoming District Court.


The detective provided the graphic details about the killing as he recounted what Carlos Delgado, 15, had told him in a bold confession.



Detective D.J. Verhage stated that Carlos Delgado admitted to ‘pulling out a knife in Wyoming’s Lions Park and stabbing Michael White multiple times in the back, slashing his throat, stabbing him in the head, stomping on him and using a skateboard to bludgeon him.’


Michael White’s body was found in the park on March 19th, by a person walking a dog. In the leaves, a pair of black brass knuckles and a broken knife were found.

Police said Michael’s cell phone, found near his body, was key to connecting Delgado and Schafer to the crime.

Carlos Delgado allegedly told the interviewing detective that “he planned to do it all week and it might as well be today.”

Kristen Colby, Michael’s aunt stated that “they didn’t have a grudge against him. They just wanted to kill somebody and one of them decided that he (Michael) would be the target.”

Kristen Colby went on to say that ‘Michael went to see Carlos Delgado and Quentin Schafer on the evening of March 18th 2016, to sell a belt to one of them. They all met up at a home in the 3600 block of Oriole Avenue SW.

Another teenager, who was at the home, testified that he saw the three boys leave together sometime after 8:30 p.m.


Police said that after Michael’s body and cell phone were found, they (the authorities) immediately wanted to speak with Carlo’s Delgado, because he appeared to be the last person in contact with Michael.

Delgado initially told police that he and Michael did meet on March 18, but only to buy marijuana.

As Carlos was being interviewed at the police station, other officers were searching his house. They found a bloody pair of jeans.


A digital messages between the two suspects, that took place after the killing, was recognized as incriminating. Authorities also said a lab analysis of the blood found on the jeans matched Michael White. His DNA was also found on a black T-shirt that Quentin Schafer was wearing at the time of his arrest.

Police said a forensic analyst was able to recover deleted messages between Schafer and Delgado.

In one message, Carlos Delgado says: “I feel like we were kind of deep into the park where people won’t find him.”

In yet another, Quentin Schafer says that he “won’t wear the belt again” and indicated it had “stuff” on the buckle.

Schafer also messaged: “I still got a mark on my face from him grabbing me.”

Both Carlos and Quentin were charged as adults and on September 7th both received 40 years in prison.

credits – mlive.com