Kristin Smart – Disappearance Case Reopened


The FBI prepared to excavate a site on the edge of California Polytechnic State University. They are hoping to find the remains of student Kristin Smart , who vanished more than 20 years ago.

kristinKristin Smart, then only 19 years old, was last seen on May 25th in 1996. She was returning to her dorm after a party near the campus.

At the time, another student told authorities he, and another female student, had left Kristin near her dormitory after they had all walked back together. He is now being called a ‘person of interest’ by the FBI.

At the time, a neighbor in Kristin’s dorm called university police the next morning and reported that she hadn’t returned. But other students said they thought she had gone camping, so officers didn’t declare her missing for more than three days.

The site the FBI intends to unearth is a bit of hilly terrain next to a campus parking lot. It was one of several areas that were once identified by dogs that are specially trained in detecting the scent of very old human remains.

The dig, expected to begin on the eighth and last about four days, was pre-planned to occur while classes were not in session. The excavation was to go ‘3 feet deep and extend outward 90 feet’ and will be involving 25 FBI agents.

Kristin’s family has been made aware of the new energies that the FBI will be spending over the next week, on behalf of their daughter. They fully support the efforts of the FBI, understanding that something, or nothing, may be discovered.

credit – foxnews