He Murdered His Family and His BFF Then Went On A Half Hour Killing Spree


pic credit – murderpedia

French student, Eric Borel, became a spree killer at just 16 years old. He decided, on September 23rd, 1995, to annihilate his family and then some. Before the day would end, 16 people would lay dead and four more would be wounded.

Eric was born the son of two military personal, Marie-Jeanne Parenti and “Jacky” Borel. Their marriage didn’t last however and little Eric was packed off to Jacky’s parent’s home in Limoges. He lived there until he was about five, when his mother returned to reclaim him. She moved him to Sollies Pont. He wasn’t happy with this and likewise was not happy with his mother or her new husband.

Eric’s mother, and his step-father, mistreated him (Eric) from the very beginning. She (Marie) believed him (Eric) to be a “child of sin” and so berated and beat him all of his young life. He did well in school however and accelerated at electro-mechanics. That is until his last year of high school. That year his behaviors changed drastically. He suddenly started skipping school and disappearing without explanation. He started ranting on about not being able to tolerate his home life, being called names and taking beatings and having too much home work to do. He would also state that he was going to commit suicide but that he was not going out alone. He would be taking a few people with him.

borel-family-1991 (2)He held true to those rants on the evening of the 23rd.

At about 6:00 p.m. Eric walked into the kitchen and shot his step-father four times with a .22-caliber rifle. He then smashed his skull in with a hammer. He next made his way into the living room and shot his half-brother, 11-year-old Jean-Yves Bichet, who was watching TV. Afterwards he beat his head in with the hammer. Then he waited patiently for his mother to return home from church.

As soon as his mother arrived at the house, Eric fired a single shot into her head. Using the same hammer, he gave his mother’s skull the same treatment as the other two.

After murdering his mother, Eric cleaned the house of the obvious blood, closed the shutters and the steel gate. He then covered the three dead bodies with sheets. He packed a bag with some food, money, a raincoat, a map and his firearms. His pockets where filled with ammunition. He grabbed the family car and he left the house.

The next morning, Eric arrived at the house of the only friend he really had. 17 year old Alan Guillemette. Alan’s mother opened the door and Eric asked to talk to his friend. She woke him (Alan) and he and Eric walked to the garden to talk. A conversation took place and, when Alan turned himself to walk back to the house, Eric shot him dead.

After that, it was no holds barred. Eric stepped out with no discretion and he simply started shooting people at random. Ginette Vialette, through an open window, took the first bullet. She died at once. The next was a woman who was hauling her trash to the curb. He wounded the woman’s husband next. Then an elderly woman who was walking in the streets with her husband. Next were two brothers who had the misfortune of crossing his path. He shot Rodolphe Incorvala through an open window before crossing the street to murder shopkeeper Mario Pagani and Mohammed Maarad in front of the local cafe. Marius Boudon and André Touret were killed next, followed by Andrée Coletta while she was walking her poodle. Finally he shot Pascal Moustaki to death on the street.

The police arrived on the scene close to 8:00 a.m. and Eric knew at once that the gig was up. He sat down near a cypress tree and put the gun to his own head. He pulled the trigger. The death toll was now 16.

Eric Borel’s half hour shooting spree, through the streets of Cuers, was labelled the deadliest mass murder in France since 1989, when Christian Dornier killed 14 people in Luxiol.