Mother Murders 3 Year Old Daughter Over Thanksgiving Holiday

katlyn marin27 year old Katlyn Marin decided to punish her three year old daughter, Brielle, for wetting the bed and then sneaking into the kitchen in the middle of the night to get something to eat.

Her punishment? Death!


Here’s how this story went down….

After calling 911, on November 25th, 2014, Katlyn Marin told police that her daughter had not been feeling well on the 24th. She explained that when the three year woke to use the bathroom on that date, she had, what Katlyn called ‘a seizure,’ and fell down a flight of stairs.

Katlyn said she tried to grab the little girl, but ended up falling down the stairs right behind her. She told the cops that she had splashed water on the baby’s face and then spent the night in her room to watch over her. (I guess taking the kid to a hospital never crossed the woman’s mind.)

dead daughterAnyway…according to Katlyn, the little girl, Brielle, woke several times during the night and was responsive. But in the morning things didn’t seem so right. The little girl was having difficulty maneuvering and trouble walking. Then…and how a concerned mother could let this shit happen is beyond me…BRIELLE FELL DOWN THE FREAKIN STAIRS AGAIN!  Only this time she cracked her head hard on the floor.

That’s when this loving mother finally decided to call 911!
Brielle was transported to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.


The medical examiner who conducted Brielle’s autopsy said that the child’s injuries were not consistent with the description of a fall such as her mother had described.

He stated that he found significant bruising on both of Brielle’s ears. He noted that the ears had been manipulated so violently that bleeding had occurred on her scalp. Clusters of bruises, that were all over her small body, were consistent with punching and poking wounds and it was noted that she had two fractured ribs. She also suffered bruises on her torso, a large round mark on her head, a broken finger and contusions to her lungs.

The autopsy revealed that the little girl’s death was the result of brain swelling from an impact injury. It was noted, however, that they were  ‘unable to determine if there was more than one episode of trauma to her head that caused the fatality.’ What was determined was the fact that the child had been repeatedly abused and her death was no accident. It was a homicide.

The examiner told the law that they should be looking for a baseball bat or door knob.

Prosecutors argued that Katlyn Marin beat her daughter to death because the girl had wet herself and had gone into the kitchen at night in search of food.

Her attorney argued that Marin’s former boyfriend might have been responsible for Brielle’s death, but he’s willing to testify against her.

None the less, this woman, Katlyn Marin of Nashua, is being charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter of her own three year old daughter and went to trial in August of this year. But she wouldn’t stand trial before her peers. Instead she opted for a bench trial, meaning a judge, not a jury, will decide her innocence or guilt.