The Worst Of Canada’s Worst – 5 Infamous Canadian Serial Killers

bernardo_022 (1)1. Paul Bernardo

This man, monster if you please, ranks number one in the running for the worst human being to ever darken the country of Canada. (Or any other place on the planet, for that matter.) He has been called the ’embodiment of evil’ and has rightfully earned himself that position.

Paul was arrested and, with the testimony of his now not-so-loving piece of shit wife, was found guilty in the tortures, rapes, sodomy’s, brutal murders, and in one case dismemberment, of three young Canadian girls. Kristen French, 15, Leslie Mahaffy, 14 and his own 15 year old sister-in-law, Tammy.

He was also known to have been the long elusive Scarborough Rapist and was found guilty of many more rapes and sexual assaults of women in the Toronto area. He was tossed into a cell in the Lower H segregated section at Kingston Penitentiary on September 1st in 1995 and has remained there ever since. (His accomplice wife, Karla Homolka, however, was set free after twelve years in an asylum! She testified against her husband for a lesser sentence than what she deserved! She’s out there free somewhere. Maybe in a neighborhood near you!)