A Killer That Lives Free Amongst Us – Karla Homolka

karla-homolka-3Pretty as she was, 17 year old Karla Homolka was not a virgin. ¬†And that’s what her 23 year old fiancee wanted. Masturbating over her 15 year old sister, Tammy, while she slept (who Karla gave access to and watched as the act was preformed) was not enough. He wanted more. And Karla was more than happy to oblige him. She said she wanted to give him “Tammy’s virginity” as a Christmas gift.

On December 23rd in 1990, Karla and her future husband served an unsuspecting Tammy a drink laced with an anesthetic Karla had previously stolen from the animal clinic where she worked. Tammy soon fell unconscious.

While her parents slept upstairs, Karla helped her boyfriend strip her little sister naked and set the video recorder in place. Karla then moistened a towel with Haothane, an inhalant for general anesthesia, that she’d also stolen and placed it over her sister’s nose and mouth.

tammy-homolkaWith the video camera rolling, they filmed themselves as they raped the little girl in the basement. Then Tammy began to vomit. The pair tried to aid Tammy but could not revive her. After dressing the young girl and moving her into a basement bedroom, they hid the evidence of their crime then called 911. Within hours, 15 year old Tammy would be pronounced dead without ever regaining consciousness.

Despite the obvious battery to her body and the chemical burns on her face, the coroner deemed the death accidental due to choking on her own vomit while intoxicated on alcohol.

And despite the fact that Karla was vacuuming and doing laundry in the middle of that night, her parents too accepted her version of the last night Tammy was alive.