McDonald’s Food Used To Lure Victims To Their Deaths Via Facebook

Ali_AliThe ‘Munich Gunman’, 18 year old Ali David Sonboly, used ‘free’ McDonald’s food, via a Facebook post, to lure his would-be-victims to their death on July 22nd, 2016.

Ali launched his killing spree in an apparent ‘revenge attack’ for being bullied at school. It is thought that he targeted students of  specific origin. Those groups that he felt had always picked on him in school.


As part of his plan, Ali had set up a fake Facebook account. He used the name “Selina Akim.” He posted a message on the social media site, hours before the attack, saying: “Come today at four o’clock to McDonald’s at OEZ [shopping centre]. I am giving away anything you want as long as it’s not too expensive.”

Ali’s killing rampage started 5:50 pm at the McDonald’s restaurant near the center. He loaded his gun in the restaurant’s bathroom and came out shooting. Among the guests were a group of four children, ages 14 and 15, who were fired upon as they sat eating at a table.

Minutes later, Ali entered the Olympia Mall. There he continued his killing rampage. He murdered nine people and injured 27 others.

ali gunman-roof-aliFrom there he moved to a car park rooftop. He is filmed shouting “I am a German,” and firing at the Tower Block.

Police said that Ali was armed with an unlicensed Glock 9mm pistol and had 300 rounds of ammunition in his backpack.

Ali’s body was found at around 8:50 after he apparently shot and killed himself, about a half mile from the scene of the murders.

Prosecutors said Ali was suffering from mental illness and had received psychiatric treatment in the months leading up to the killings.

In a raid on his family apartment, police discovered extremist material linked  to mass shootings, including Columbine, the Virginia Tech killings and the attack by Anders Breivik, the white supremacist who murdered 77 people in Norway in 2011.

1Ali shooterThe massacre in Munich took place on the fifth anniversary of the Norway attacks and Ali Sonboly had recently changed a social network profile picture on an online messaging service to one of Breivik.

It is suggested that Ali was greatly influenced by the actions of Breivik and may have been the driving force behind his murderous rampage.

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