10-year-old from New Mexico brutally murdered and dismembered by her mother!

girlVictoria Martens had just turned 10 years old. She had just started the fourth grade. The truth was, Victoria Martens had just started everything! Then she was murdered! By her mother, Michelle! Fabian Gonzales, Michelle’s boyfriend and Jessica Kelley, Fabian’s cousin, were also active participants in the horrific crime.
What Really Happened On Little Victoria’s Birthday?
Someone called the police before dawn on Wednesday and reported a disturbance in the apartment next door. When officers arrived, they discovered two women with superficial wounds and a man attempting to flee the scene.
A quick investigation of the apartment revealed mayhem and murder. The apartment was filled with choking smoke, that was coming from a blanket that had been set on fire in a bath tub. Law officials put out the flame. That’s when they discovered the dead body of ten year old Victoria, who was found wrapped in the burning blanket! One of the little girl’s legs had been severed and both of her arms were gone. She had been strangled and stabbed several times.
Michelle told the officer that her daughter had been given meth, in order to calm her, so that her boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales, could have sex with her. She added that Jessica Kelly had held the child down and covered her mouth to stifle her screams. Kelly then stabbed the young girl in the stomach as Fabian strangled her to death. It was also Jessica and Fabian then, or so the Michelle claims, who started the dismemberment of her daughter’s dead body.
Needless to say, all three are up a creek without a paddle and a death sentence for each just doesn’t seem sever enough.