James Huberty – He said he was going Hunting Humans.

James Huberty

On July 18th, in 1984, twenty one McDonald’s patrons were killed by 41-year-old James Huberty, who walked into the restaurant and opened fire. And he was not picky either. Men, women and children all died at his discretion. James Huberty Nineteen others were also wounded before a sniper took him out!

Society Had It’s Chance

This particular Wednesday, James Huberty took his wife and two little girls to the zoo. During the course of the afternoon James remarked to his wife that his “life was over and that society had had its chance.” After visiting the zoo, James took his family to a local McDonald’s for lunch and then they headed home.

As his wife lay resting on the bed, he entered the room and told her he was “going hunting humans” and said that he wanted to kiss her goodbye. Deciding that he was just trying to rile her,  his wife ignored the remark. James told his oldest daughter goodbye as he carried a bundle, wrapped in a checkered blanket, out the front door, adding that “he wouldn’t be back”.

James Huberty pulled into the parking lot of the McDonald’s Restaurant that was 200 yards from his home, totally visible from his apartment and proceeded to unravel what would become the deadliest mass shooting committed in the United States at that time.

No Discrimination

James HubertyAt 4:00 p.m. James Huberty walked into the restaurant, after killing three outside, were 45 customers were present, carrying a 9 mm browning semi-automatic pistol, a 9 mm Uzi carbine and a Winchester 12 gauge shut gun. For the next 78 minutes he would terrorize and point blank murder 21 innocent people! Men, women and children. He would ultimately wound another 19 before he was shot dead by sniper fire.

Huberty first ordered everybody to the floor, referring to them as dirty swine, shouting that he had killed thousands and he intended to kill a thousand more. (It is believed that he was referring to Vietnam – he had never actually served in any military branch.)

A 25 year old patron tried to talk James out of shooting anymore of them, where upon he immediately sprayed her with bullets, screaming at her to shut up as she lay dying on the floor.

He turned his attentions then to six women and children who had scrambled beneath a table. He killed them all, including an 8 month old infant with a gunshot to the back.

And onward he moved, shooting everyone as he went.

James Huberty Was Taken Out

Within ten minutes, the police and swat team arrived on scene.

78 minutes, 21 cold blooded murders and 19 wounded people later, a sniper’s bullet took the mad man out! The McDonald’s Massacre ended as quickly as if had begun.