Crystal Brooke Howell / She Killed Her Father and Stashed The Body In A Shed

teen-murdererCrystal Howell

Crystal Howell was 17 years old, when she shot her father dead.

She sealed him in a container and stashed him in the shed.

Hey, that rhymes!

Anyway, it’s also true. She murdered her father and then it was back to life as normal.

Well, not exactly normal. With the old man out of the way, there was room for a couple of new live-ins. And then it was party time.


Crystal Howell, now 20, is from North Carolina and she has pleaded guilty to shooting her father while he was taking a nap. She then hid his body inside a plastic container inside the family’s storage shed. Not long after, she invited friends to move in with her and the party was on.

Crystal told her friends that her father had killed himself. She started to drive his car and spend his money. She had a drug-fueled party and added a stripper pole to accentuate the kitchen.

About a month after the yet-undiscovered murder, authorities were called to the home of Crystal Howell. Apparently, a guest discovered Mr. Howell’s hidden body and decided to call the law.

On March 23, 2014, Crystal was arrested in Richmond County. She had her dead father’s Land Rover and a U-Haul trailer full of items.

Crystal Howell was charged with first degree murder.

Howell’s attorney reportedly told the court her client had a mental health history.

Well, maybe a few years behind bar will help with those problems.

The judge apparently thought so. He sentenced her to serve at least 25 years before she can apply for parole.

credit – msn