Five Creepy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About John Wayne Gacy

Creepy Fact Number 5 –

While John was incarcerated in 1979, awaiting trial, his defense attorney ordered an EEG alcohol test be taken on John. They wanted to see what happened to him under the influence. He said that he had always suffered blackouts since having surgery as a child, to remove a blood clot he had on his brain, and his lawyers wanted to see if in fact this was true. So, his 21 year old prison guard at the time, walked John into a room and for the next hour and a half gave him shots of scotch every fifteen minutes. The idea was to see if a physiological change triggered an impaired behavior in the brain and therefore in the behavior of the will of the person. In Gacy’s case, the answer was no! He did become drunk but his brain never changed. He did however, pass out cold! No black out. Pass out! (that could explain why Gacy never drank with the young men he was coercing into his grip. He also confessed that he never, never drank before a kill!) But here is the really, really creepy part of this whole tale –  after John’s execution, his brain was removed and studied for over six hundred hours, seeking to find the abnormalities that made him, and prolific rapists and murderers like him, different than all the rest of we ‘normal’ people. After all was said and done, the creepy…no no….the really scary conclusion was….John Wayne Gacy, the ‘Killer Clown’, was normal!  He chose to do these horrific things and knew he was doing them. Plain and simple, he did these things because he wanted to! John’s brain is kept in a zip lock baggie as a reminder of just how much we really don’t know about the human mind or the free will of men.

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