Austin Was Taking Bites Of Flesh From The Dead Man’s Face!

On August 16th, 2016, police raced to answer a call. Upon arriving at the scene, officers were stunned to find 19-year-old Austin Harrouff still at the scene of the crime he’d just committed. He had violently murdered two people, as they sat chatting together in their own open garage! Worse yet, Austin was trying to chew off the face of the man he’d just killed!


pic credit – dreamin demon

On Monday night, Austin, a Florida State University student, went to dinner with his parents. Suddenly, he became insanely angry because he decided that the restaurant service sucked! He stormed out of the bar and grill in a huff.

His parents, a bit more than shaken by his strange, and uncharacteristically violent, reaction, to something as minor as slow table service, decided to called the law. After expressing their concerns over his (Austin’s) disturbing demeanor, set out on foot to find their son.

In the meantime, Austin had found a way to release that pent up anger.

In his fit of rage, he had stomped his way down the street and had come upon two people sitting in their open garage chatting with each other. Austin, for only God knows what reason, decided to attack them! and proceeded to murder them both with whatever ‘weapon’ he could grab in the garage!

A neighbor, hearing the blood cuddling screams, ran to see what might be causing the stir. He came upon Austin attacking the couple and raced to intervene. Austin immediately turned his weapon on him (the neighbor) and proceeded to attack. The neighbor was wounded in the struggle, but managed to escape, and called 911.

He Growled Like A Wild Animal The Whole Time!


pic credit – miami herald

When the cops arrived at the scene, Michelle Stevens was laying dead on the garage floor and Austin was straddling her husband John’s dead body, that was now laying in the driveway. And HE WAS TAKING BITES OF FLESH OUT OF THE DEAD MAN’S FACE! all the while growling loudly like a wild animal!

An officer immediately attempted to stop Austin by shooting him several times with a stun gun however that proved fruitless! It did not seem to have much effect on the attacker. Four officers, and a k-9, finally resorted to jumping the kid, who growled continuously like a wild beast. They pulled him from the dead man’s body and cuffed him. He was taken into custody and rushed to the hospital, were all of the ‘normal’ drug texts were taken. Those tests however, turned out to be negative and so testing for the drugs flakka and bath salts will be the next move in trying to understand what overtook Austin Harrouff .