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Bobby Joe Long
Bobby Joe Long

Bobby Joe Long


Classified Ad Rapist

American Serial Killer

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Bobby Joe Long fell on his head one too many times when he was a kid. He had an extra chromosome that gave him breasts and, go figure, he was teased and ridiculed by his peers.

His controlling and drama filled mother, who he slept with until he was thirteen, entertained a lot of men in their one bedroom apartment while he was present and, already in a state of gender confusion, brought on by the genetic disorder created with that extra chromosome, only complicated the whole ugly mess. Talk about the perfect storm to breed disaster. This guy got it all.

Bobby Joe Long

While recovering from yet another accident (he wrecked a motorcycle), that wreaked havoc on his already scrambled brain, Bobby was struck with sudden bouts of violent rage, excruciating headaches and an unquenchable obsession with sex.  He would now masturbate a half dozen times a day and still require twice a day sex from his wife. But soon that would not be enough and Bobby would become as an animal on the constant prowl for something more.

Here About Your Ad

Between 1980 and 1983, Bobby would spend his afternoons raping women. He would search the classifieds and answer the ads. If the woman was alone, he would violently rape her and rob the house. In 1981, he was arrested and charged with one of the rapes, but the charges were dropped and onward he went, continuing to rape and to rob. To his credit, 50 opportunistically gained victims, earning him the name the “Classified Ad Rapist.”

In 1984, Bobby Joe changed his game. He now started selecting his victims. He chose prostitutes, because he deemed them tramps. For 8 months he raped, stabbed, strangled and shot nine women. (A tenth was suspected but never proven.)

And then he made a mistake.

Bobby Joe Long

In November of  1984, he kidnapped a 17 year old girl. He violently raped her. And then….he let her go. Why, is anybodies guess. But it would be his undoing.

She went, of course, straight to the authorities and Bobby Joe was finally arrested, two days after he’d abducted, raped and murdered his final victim.

Bobby Joe Long was charged with nine counts of first-degree murder, plus the abduction and rape of the girl he’d set free. He was sentenced to death.

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