Cries in the Desert: The True Story of Serial Killer David Parker Ray

Cries in the Desert is the true story of David Parker Ray, the infamous Toy Box Killer. It is the shocking story of torture and murder in the New Mexico desert, about a women who managed to escape certain death.

In the fall of 1999, this twenty-two-year-old woman was discovered naked and bleeding on the streets of a small New Mexico town. She was chained to a padlocked metal collar. The tale she told authorities was unthinkable. Until she led them to David Parker Ray and the lakeside trailer called the “toy box.” (Amazon)


This vile human being, if he could be called a human being at all, left absolutely nothing to the imagination of his captives. After coming to, their ears would meet a snippet of a taped recording, as David Parker Ray informed them of what horrors were about to befall them. From there, things got really scary.

He became infamous for the “Toy Box Killings” of ‘Truth or Consequences’, New Mexico. When his ‘toy box’, a remodeled trailer that had been converted into a sound-proof torture chamber, was finally pointed out by the only known survivor of this sexual sadist, the  tape recording, along with hundreds of horrific sex toys, torture devices and home-made implements to inflict pain, was also discovered.

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