Magdalena Solis / High Priestess of Blood or Serial Killer Out For Sex



Magdalena Solis was a serial killer, a member of a cult in Mexico and the self proclaimed “High Priestess of Blood.” She was responsible for orchestrating several murders and participated in drinking the blood of her victims.

Magdalena Solis is one of very few documented cases of female serial killers who had a clear sexual motivation. She was an organized murderess and a sexual predator. She was responsible for at least 8 murders, although truth be known it was probably closer to 15. The murders took place in the small community of “Yerba Buena.”


Magdalena Solis began the practice of prostitution at an extremely young age. Her brother, Eleazar Solis, acted as her pimp. Magdalena was also a religious fanatic and suffered from religious delusions and delusions of grandeur. She had a marked sexual perversion that was expressed in the consumption of her victims blood. She was a sadist and was involved in the practice of incest, fetishism and pedophilia.


In early 1963, Santos and Cayetano Hernandez, a brother team of petty criminals, devised a get rich quick scam. They targeted the town of Yerba Buena, a small community in northern Mexico, with a population of about 50 or so, all of whom were extremely poor, mostly illiterate and every one of them superstitious.

The brothers proclaimed themselves prophets and high priests of the “powerful and exiled Inca gods.” The people of the town were told that the Inca gods, in return for their worship and tribute, would give them treasures that were hidden in the caves of the mountains surrounding their village. They also told the villagers that the gods would be coming soon to claim authority over their former kingdom and to punish all of the unbelievers.

The inhabitants of Yerba Buena believed this line of nonsense and fell quickly under the brother’s spell. Thus the Hernandez boys found themselves receiving economic and sexual ‘taxes’ from both the men and the women. They grew from common thieves and cheats to sexual slaveholders and organizers of orgies.

The cult was at peace for a time, but soon the believers began to grow impatient for their promised rewards. The brothers, realizing the unrest, devised another plan. They went to Monterrey in search of prostitutes who wanted to be part of their scam. It was while there that the brothers met Magdalena Solis and Eleazar. Both agreed to join the farce and returned with the men to Yerba Buena.


In order for plan B to work, the brothers would have to stifle the grumblings of the cult members while, at the same time, produce none of the gains that were originally promised. The brothers performed a ritual, loaded with cheap magic tricks, to convince the believers to fall back into compliance. They presented Magdalena Solis as the reincarnation of a goddess.

As hoped, the cult members bought the insane nonsense and fell back into the game. One problem though. Magdalena Solis believed it too and soon took over the sect. After all, she was a goddess.

Soon there came to be two members of the cult that were tired of the sexual abuse and wanted to leave the sect. The other believers, prisoners of fear, were called before the “high priests.” Solis ordered the death penalty for the ‘unbelievers‘  and the two wanna be defectors were lynched by the other terrified cult members.


After these first two murders, the goddess and her high priests became more violent and criminal. Now the insane Magdalena Solis began to demand human sacrifices. She devised a “blood ritual” wherein one of the dissenting members of the cult was brutally beaten, burned, cut and maimed by all the other members of the cult. After that came the ‘blood-letting,’ or allowing the poor victim to bleed to death. The blood was deposited in a cup, mixed with chicken blood from an animal sacrifice and used in conjunction with marijuana and peyote.

Magdalena Solis would drink from the chalice filled with the blood concoction and then pass it off to the priests (the Hernandez Brothers and Eleazar Solis) who would likewise partake. Finally each member would take a gulp and presumably all would gain extra-natural powers.

These blood rituals went on for six continuous weeks in 1963 and 4 unlucky saps met their end in this horrific manner, some of whom even had their hearts dissected from their chests while they were still alive.


In May of 1963, a 14 year old local resident, Sebastian Guerrero, wandered near the caves where the Magdalena Solis’ cult just happened to be performing one of their ‘heart removing, blood drinking, sex orgy’ rituals and saw way, way, way too much of the terrifying activity. Horrified, he ran straight to the officials in a town, 15 miles away, called Villa Gran. Exhausted and still in shock, the boy failed to give any other description of the “group of murderers who prey on ecstasy and who were gluttonously drinking human blood like vampires.”

The officers laughed at the babbling child and utterly dismissed his claims. Officer Luis Martinez escorted the boy back home and, as they went, Sebastian was able show the officer exactly where the ritual had been taking place. That was the last day that Sebastian Guerrero and Luis Martinez were seen alive.


Police, upset by the disappearance of Guerrero and Martinez, suddenly took the ramblings of the boy seriously. They deployed an operation in Yerba Buena. Eleazar and Magdalena Solis were arrested on a farm in the town, in possession of a considerable amount of marijuana. Santos Hernandez, who attempted to resist arrest, was gunned down. His brother was assassinated by one of the members of the cult who wanted to be a part of the body of high priests for protection.

The officers found the carved up bodies of Sebastian Guerrero and Luis Martinez, near the farm where the Magdalena Solis  and her brother were arrested. They then found the bodies, also dismembered, of the other six persons in the vicinity of the caves.

Eleazar and Magdalena Solis were sentenced to 50 years in prison for only two homicides (those of Guerrero and Martinez), because no evidence existed that they had participation in the other six murders at the caves, The only witnesses, the cult members, would not testify against the goddess or a high priest.

Many members of the sect were shot in the shootout with the police when they barricaded themselves in the caves. Those who were arrested were sentenced to 30 years in prison for six counts of murder in the form of “group or gang murder.

It was not until many years later that some of the ex-cult members spoke openly about the true horrors of the cult of Magdalena Solis.

credit – murderpedia