Judith Neelley / Child Torture-Murderer

judith126 year old Al Neelley was a disgusting, fat man from Georgia. His pregnant wife, Judith (Adams) Neelley, from Tennessee, was 15 years old. And they were two of a kind, that some would say the devil himself had brought together.

They were petty thieves and shoplifters that would use a .38 to gain what ever they wanted.

The only problem was that these two, more times than not, were caught in their wicked deeds and would land themselves in jail or, in Judith’s case, juvenile jail.

Judith gave birth to twins while in a Georgia juvenile jail but upon her release she quickly, with kids in tow, reunited with her husband and they immediately picked up where they’d let off. But this time, the two would add a much more demented ingredient to their already twist itinerary.

Al wanted a sex toy and Judith, being the sexual sadists and pervert that she herself truly was, was more than happy to comply. Judith made several attempts to lure youngsters to her but had no success.

lisa annThen, in September of 1982, Judith saw 13 year old Lisa Ann Milliken at a mall.

Judith lured the unsuspecting girl into her car and drove her to Al, who was waiting on them at a cheap hotel.

Lisa was immediately raped.

For the next two days and the next two nights, Al and Judy continuously raped and sexually assaulted the little girl. But then came the conclusion of the game and the ultimate atrocity was about to unfold.

On September 28th, Lisa Ann was driven to a remote area near the Little River Canyon. She was handcuffed to a tree near a cliff, that boasted an 80-foot drop off. Judith injected Lisa with a drain cleaner that was to instantly kill her.

It did not and Lisa continued to beg for her life.

Judith however, having no mercy inside her for anyone, filled the syringe again and again, injecting the child over and over with the deadly Drano.

And still little Lisa did not surrender to death. So Judith ended her life with a shot to her back with the .38 and shoved her over the cliff, watching as she slammed to the canyon floor below.

Then she and Al went to breakfast.

The next day Judith made anonymous calls to a local radio station and two police departments bragging about her deed. When the deputies found Lisa’s discarded body, the evidence of the nightmare that she’d live through, and died in, was more than repulsively obvious.

But the Neelley’s didn’t stop there.

In October of the same year the Neelley’s struck again. This time they kidnapped a young couple. Having no use for the man, they shot him then proceeded to rape, torture and eventually murdered his girlfriend, Janice Chatman.

What they didn’t realize was that the man, John Hancock, had survived his wounds and was able to give a full description of the car that he and Janice had been abducted into. It led the authorities straight to the Neelley’s and in turn revealed their connections to Lisa’s murder.

The couple from hell turned on each other at once.  Judith insisted that Al was the monster and she but a victim of his abuse and control. Al said that Judith was a psychopath and a killer.

Alvin took a plea bargain in the Chatman murder and Judith, 18 years old at the time, was given death for the rape, torture and murder of Lisa.

Judith would become the youngest female ever sent to death row at that time.

In 1999, Judith’s death sentence was changed to life without parole. The judge didn’t say why.

I guess changing it to ‘make her drink toilet bowl cleaner and shove her over the grand canyon“,  wasn’t considered an option.

I’m just saying….

neelleyThis book, Early Graves, is available if you would like to read more





Pic credit- murderpedie