Dr. De Sousa / 77 Years For Ritual Mutilation and Killing of Boys

ferreira-de-sousa-000Doctor De Sousa Gets 77  Years in Prison for Brazil Ritual Killings

Thursday September 11, 2003

A Brazilian court sentenced one of it’s own doctor’s, Dr. Anisio Ferreira De Sousa, to 77 years in prison for the ritual mutilation and killing of boys in a remote Amazon town more than a decade ago.

Anísio Ferreira de Sousa is a Brazilian doctor and serial killer who ran a satanic ring that killed children in Altamira, Brazil. He was convicted of the murder of three children and the attempted murder of two others. In total, the deaths of 19 children have been linked to the ring.

Amailton Madeira Gomes (a former policeman) was sentenced to 57 years, and Césio Brandão to 56 years in prison for the attempted murder of a boy, who escaped from his captors after having his genitals removed.

Fourteen years after the first kidnappings and mutilations, the trial is being closely followed as a test of Brazil’s ability to bring justice to remote areas where local elites rule.

This is justice for a community that put their trust in a doctor who went on to kill their children in Satanic rituals,” the prosecutor said.

A court was set to decide the case of Valentina de Andrade, the final defendant.

Ring Leader Was Jailed After SHE Tried To Flee The Country

Prosecutors say Valentina de Andrade is the actual ring leader of the sect known as Superior Universal Alignment that was founded in Argentina. However, a Brazilian court acquitted the alleged leader of the Satanic cult. The decision, by a 6 to 1 jury vote at the end of a 17-days trial in Belem, Para state, caused tumult in the packed courtroom with tears and protests from the victims’ families.

“Valentina de Andrade, 72, fainted after the judgment and received medical treatment in court.

A group representing the victims says Valentina de Andrade believes, and has convinced othes, that she was contacted by a medium who told her boys born after 1981 were possessed by the devil and had to be dealt with. Families of the victims were livid over the ruling that aquitted her.

The victims’ families also say there were many more victims — 19 in all.

They were aged between 8 and 13 and were kidnapped, tortured or killed between 1989 and 1993 in the Amazon town of Altamira.

Some had their eyes gouged out, wrists slit and all had their genitals cut off.

The doc got 77 years in jail. He should have gotten exactly what he gave.


credit – murderpedia