David Parker Ray / The Toy Box / Serial Killer With No Bodies

David Parker Ray | Serial Killer

David Parker Ray
David Parker Ray

David Parker Ray

Born: 11-06-1939

The Toy Box Killer

American Serial Killer

Crime Spree: 1950 – 1999

Death: 05-28-2002

This vile human being, if he could be called a human being at all, left absolutely nothing to the imagination of his captives. He became infamous for the “Toy Box Killings” of ‘Truth or Consequences’, New Mexico, even though no bodies were ever found.  

His chamber of sadistic sexual, emotional and physical torture was found however, and the authorities are certain that this repulsive demon of perversion was capable of the 40 – 60 torture-murders they believe he may have committed over the years.

When his ‘toy box’, a remodeled trailer that had been converted into a sound-proof torture chamber, was finally discovered, a tape recording of himself (David), along with hundreds of horrific sex toys, torture devices and home-made implements to inflict pain, was also discovered.

The recording was David introducing the ‘captive of the moment’ to the fate that was about to befall her and how she should, in order to survive the next few months, function in it. A bit of the actual ‘intro’ tape was somehow uploaded and, at one time, could be heard on you tube but the complete, written transcript is enough to detour you from ever wanting to hear this snake utter the words for fear of the nightmares that would, no doubt, haunt your dreams forever.

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Satan’s Den Exposed by Desert Journal

Cries in the Desert

In the fall of 1999, a twenty-two-year-old woman was discovered naked and bleeding on the streets of a small New Mexico town. She was chained to a padlocked metal collar. The tale she told authorities was unthinkable. Until she led them to David Ray Parker, his fiancée Cindy Hendy, and the lakeside trailer they called their “toy box.” (amazon except)

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Cries in the Desert by John Glatt

On March 22, 1999, a living victim, Cynthia Vigil, escaped after being kidnapped and enduring torture in a three-day ordeal. To escape, Vigil waited until Ray went to work and then managed to get the keys to the lock of her chains which Ray’s accomplice, Cindy Hendy, left on a table nearby while she was in another room on the phone. After getting the keys, Hendy noticed Vigil’s attempt at escaping and fighting ensued. During the struggle, Hendy broke a lamp on Vigil’s head, but she still managed to unlock her chains and then proceeded to stab Hendy in the neck with an icepick she found on the floor and escaped. Vigil ran away naked, wearing only an iron slave collar and padlocked chains. After Vigil’s escape and rescue, Ray and Hendy were apprehended by the police.

Parker was arrested the day his last victim escaped. Throughout the trial, the prosecution brought forward two victims along with the mother of a deceased victim. Cynthia Vigil and Kelly Garret testified against Ray, describing the horrible tortures they endured. Garret was one who said she did not want him to receive the death penalty because she thought that was too easy. She wanted him to endure the pain she went through. She wanted him to stay in prison for his entire life.

Ray was sentenced to 224 years in prison after being convicted of numerous offenses involving the abduction and sexual torture of three young women at his Elephant Butte Lake home. His first trial ended in a hung jury in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico. His trial was then relocated to a small town where he had been raised decades before. He was convicted of his crimes against Angie Montaño, and then admitted his crimes against Cynthia Vigil Jaramillo and another young woman, as part of a plea deal for a light sentence for Ray’s daughter. He died eight months after sentencing, having been held for two and a half years while awaiting trial and re-trial. Hendy, who testified against Ray, received a sentence of 36 years for her role in the crimes.

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This site contains affiliate links. We may, at no cost to you, receive a commission for purchases made through these links