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Anatoly Slivko | Russian Serial Killer

Anatoly Slivko
Anatoly Slivko

Anatoly Slivko

Born: 12-28-1938

A Twisted Mind

Russian Serial Killer

Crime Spree: 1963-1985

Executed: 09-16-1989

Anatoly Slivko

Anatoly Slivko, a 23 year old from the Soviet Socialist Republic in Russia, was married and the father of two young children. To say he was a happy man would not really be the case. He was an insomniac, lacked an appetite, hated his own appearance and had great difficulty raising a desire to sleep with his wife, Lyudmila, that he had met a few years earlier at the Children’s Club, (Russia’s Boy Scout Club) where he held employment.

Although Anatoly courted young Lyudmila, they never touched during that courtship nor did they share so much as a kiss. Even after the wedding, and throughout the 17 year marriage, sex came so rarely that Lyudmila counted herself lucky to have conceived their two sons. Anatoly was a good husband and father but something, even he did not understand, was definitely lacking in his life and probably always had been.

Anatoly Slivko Discovers His Secret Side

That is until one afternoon in the summer of 1961. It was that day that Anatoly learned what he had been missing all of his life.

While in the city on this particular day, Anatoly witnessed a horrific accident that would change him forever. He watched helplessly as an intoxicated motorcyclist collided with a group of pedestrians on the city streets, fatally wounding a teenage boy.

Anatoly Slivko, presumably as freaked out as everyone else in that minute, was, however, unable to take his eyes from the accident. He could smell the gasoline seeping from the motorcycle, as well as the small fire that had erupted in the collision, and he was suddenly just as intrigued by his own sexual excitement as he stared on at the scene before him.

He watched, not really understanding this strange, new means of arousal, but knowing it was caused by the horrible view before him. And it was, he realized, each of the components of the horrific scene, in it’s entirety, that was turning him on. The smells, the fire, the death struggle of the young boy, as he convulsed wildly in his death throes AND the Young Pioneers uniform, with the crisp white shirt, the polished shoes and the slim tie, that the teenager wore. Each piece of the strange, gruesome puzzle adding a layer of intrigue that Anatoly would soon come to use frequently to try and regain that same level of sexual arousal for the next twenty two years.

In His Own Words

“I felt the attraction to boys for the first time in my life. There was a lot of blood and gasoline on the asphalt. The smell of gasoline and fire. I suddenly felt a desire to hurt a young boy like him [the victim of the accident]. The feeling haunted me, and I had to move far way to make the desire disappear. But after 5-6 months, after an ejaculation during sleep, the same excitement rose again and consistently pursued me.”

Opportunities Everywhere

In 1963, nearly a year after realizing this unique side of himself, Anatoly Slivko began exploiting his position in the Children’s Club, known as the Chergid, where he was yet employed. He began by forming closer relationships with some of the young boys in his group.

Because he was well respected in his area and had won awards for some of his short films, the youngsters, as well as the adults, enjoyed and trusted his company. He build his strongest ties with boys that were always between the ages of 13 – 17 and always of a shorter stature. And, because he was ‘tourism wise’, he was approved to form hiking trips for the children in the club. This was a great thrill for the kids and so they were more than happy to join him on whatever adventure he might present them with.

Wanting desperately to  relive in fantasy, the motorcycle accident that had sexually aroused him and released his inner self in the summer of ’61, Anatoly set the stage for his first ‘experiment,’ as he would come to call them. He convinced a young boy to allow him to conduct a ‘controlled hanging to unconsciousness’, telling the young man it was with a premise of stretching the boy’s spine. When the hanging boy was unconscious, Anatoly removed the noose, laid the body to the ground and masturbated and ejaculated onto the boy’s shoes. (Evidently, Anatoly also discovered that he had a new fetish to explore! FEET!)  Once the boy regained consciousness, he was not able to remember anything.

The First Murder

Anatoly Slivko killed his first victim in June of 1964. Filming and photographing the event from beginning to end, he (Anatoly) hanged a 15-year-old named Nikolai Dobryshev. Once the boy had lost consciousness, Anatoly removed the noose and posed the child, in a position that he found sexually arousing, then masturbated over him, all the while caressing and fondling the boy.

When the boy did not wake, and Anatoly was unable to revive him, he dismembered the boy’s body, burned it and buried it. He kept the shoes as a souvenir but destroyed the film and pictures that he’d taken of the event. (He told the police, after his arrest, that he had not intended to murder this particular victim.)

In May of the following year, 1965, Anatoly chose, and killed, his second young victim, Aleksei Kovalenko.

Anatoly’s favorite ploy, after gaining a particular boy’s complete adoration, trust and confidence, which didn’t take much as the boy’s loved their club leader, would be to tell his ‘un-realizing, would- be- victim,’ of an ‘experiment’ that he wanted to try which involved hanging until unconscious, stretching the spine and then the revival of the victim.

Trusting that Anatoly would do as he said, and revive the child after losing consciousness, most of the boys became willing participants in these so called ‘experiments.’ Once Anatoly had his target in mind and the consent of the boy, he would buy the young man a new ‘Young Pioneers uniform (a must for this ‘experiment’) and have this child’s shoes shined. The only thing the child himself had to do for the ‘experiment’ was to obey one rule and that was to NOT eat for three hours before the experiment. (Anatoly did not want his victim to vomit! during the death act.)

Anatoly Slivko

Over the next 22 years, Anatoly was able to persuaded 43 young boys and teenagers to take part in this ‘hanging experiment’. In 36 of those cases, Anatoly Slivko was able to revive the ‘hanged’ victim, who was likewise then cautioned into secrecy about the experiment, and they went on their way not being able to remember much about the event at all. And it would not be until many long years later (22 to be exact) did any of those 36 ‘boys’ (now men) realize that many of the other ‘experiment’ volunteers had not been as lucky as they. But, due to the video recordings that Anatoly made of each ‘experiment,’ they would come to understand what he had actually done to them while they lay unconscious before him, and who they would then realize had not been a friend, but a fiend that had used them for his own perverted sexual pleasures and fetishes.

As the films and photographs would show, once the hanging boy was unconscious, Anatoly would free him from the noose and lay him to the ground. He would strip him naked, while caressing and fondling him, then arrange the body in strange, suggestive positions, then masturbate over them. Then he (Anatoly) would allow the child to wake or, if need be, work at reviving the victim himself.  Once the child was fully awake, he would be left with very little memory of the event and none at all of the molestation. 

Seven Murders

Anatoly Slivko

All of the ‘experiment’ subjects were not as lucky as others however. In seven of the cases, something went wrong. Anatony wanted more. He wanted, or perhaps needed, what the original accident scene had sparked in him. He needed that strange, new sexual excitement again. The blood, the gasoline, the fire, the convulsing body groping to stay alive while in the throes of certain death. He needed that rush! He wanted that rush!

With these victims, his mindset was on the violence that he originally desired to inflict on a young boy. These children, once lost in the unconscious state due to the hanging, he (Anatoly) would dismember the body, pour gasoline on their limbs and torso and set them on fire so as to remind himself of the traffic accident which once again aroused him sexually. He kept the victim’s shoes as a memento of the event. Just as with those that survived his ‘experiment’, his murders were likewise photographed and filmed from beginning to end for his viewing pleasure.

After the disappearance of his last victim, the police began to investigate the activities of Anatoly’s club. They found a dark room that belonged to Anatoly and inside they discovered the truth about the ‘good and respected man of the community.’ His tools, the rope, saws, axes and shoes were among the pictures and the videos that he had kept for twenty two years.

He was arrested in December of 1985 and was charged with seven counts of murder, sexual abuse and necrophilia.

Anatoly Slivko was sentenced to death and executed with one gun shot fired to his head.

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