Cancer, The Number One Killer. And I’m Talking Zodiac. What’s Your Sign?

1.) Cancer (the most dangerous of the zodiac signs) are notorious for being killers out of passion or jealousy and are oft times mentally unstable. They are notorious for leaving a signature of some nature on their victims.  This sign is the most likely to kill with extreme violence and it is the sign that has the most criminals to it's name! OJ Simpson is one of those deadly Cancerians. (I'm just saying.) If your sign is Cancer, you would stand in the company of: Myra-HindleyMyra Hindley - aka The Moors Murderer. Called the 'Most Evil Woman In Britain." Myra, with her partner, Ian Brady, was an English serial killer. She was deemed a "sexually sadistic psychopath' at a very young age. She committed the rapes and murders of five small children. Hindley's 17-year-old brother-in-law was the person who tipped her off to the police. She plead not guilty to all of the murders but she lost that battle big time. She was sentenced to life and died while incarcerated in 2002. 2.) Taurus (the second most dangerous sign) are usually involved with such crimes as money laundering and fraud. They consider themselves smarter than the average bear and quick enough to carry out crimes without the aid of others. The Bull is easily irritated. Both Saddam Hussein and Pol Pot are Taurus. If your sign is Taurus, you would stand in the company of: albert fish 3Albert Fish - aka The Boogey Man. Described as a “psychiatric phenomenon” and that nowhere in legal or medical records was there another individual who possessed so many sexual abnormalities. He was an American serial killer who targeted only children. He was a sex pervert whose crimes against his young victims included cannibalism, coprohilla, urophilla, pedophilia and masochism. He would write letters to the kidnapped child's parents describing how he killed and ate their kid. He was also known as the Gray Man. He murdered 10 children. He was electrocuted in January 1936. 3.) Sagittarius' are robbers and con artists who usually don't aim to harm their victims but definitely will if it means getting what they want. Most are likely to become thieves and burglars. They are tricky and always on the run. Pablo Escobar and Joseph Stalin were two tyrants born under this sign. If your sign is Sagittarius, you would stand in the company of: kemper 3Edmund Kemper - aka the Co-ed Killer. Edmund is an American serial killer who began his violent criminal activity at the age of 15 by killing his grandparents while he lived with them on a farm in California, a crime for which he was incarcerated and then released at age 21. From there he went on to kill and dismember six female hitchhikers, before moving on to kill his own mother and her friend. He then turned himself in to the authorities. He asked for the death penalty but was denied. He refuses to sit before a parole board, stating he has no interest in freedom, as he knows that he would only kill again. 4.) Aries tend to be hired for their crimes. They are quick to deny blame and carry arms all the time. They hate being bossed around. The Ram likes being in control. They will use any means necessary to obtain it. Adolph Hitler is the most wicked example of a dangerous and power-hungry Aries. If your sign is Aries, you would stand in the company of: jesperson001Keith Jesperson - aka The Happy Face Killer. Keith was a long distant truck driver and an American serial killer who earned his nick name because of the 'smiley faces' he drew on the anonymous confession letters that he penned to the local news papers and authorities taunting them and describing his horrific murders. He killed eight women over the course of five years. Strangulation was his preferred method. Jesperson claimed to have murdered 160 women with his final victim being his long-time girlfriend. That connection is what led to his downfall. He was given life in prison in 1998. 5.)Capricorns get involved with organized crimes and are usually sadistic in  nature. They commit small crimes as a rule but they can also grow quite dangerous if they continue down the dark path. They are however a bit sloppy with their crimes and are often discovered quite quickly. 'Mr. Death', Harold Shipman, is a prime example of a wicked Capricorn. If your sign is Capricorn, you would stand in the company of: bradyIan Brady - aka The Moors Murderer (with Myra Hindley)

The Moors murders were carried out by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley from 1963 to 1965. The victims were all children between the ages of 10 and 17. They were all sexually assaulted. They were called the Moors Murders because of the location of the dumping ground of some of the bodies.  Once arrested, both Ian and Myra confessed to additional murders.

Myra was deemed the most evil woman in Britain and Ian was deemed insane. They both got life without the chance of parole. Myra begged to be released. Ian begged to die. Both requests were denied! And FYI...Richard Nixon is a Capricorn!

6.)Virgo's are meticulous when it comes to their crimes. They plan everything right down to the letter. They are anal about the details and covering up their crimes. They are most likely to become thieves and burglars. Henry Lee Lucas and Ed Gein were both Virgo's.

If your sign is Virgo, you would stand in the company of: gienEdward Theodore Gien - Just Plain Insane - Like For Real! Edward Gein was an American murderer, grave robber and body snatcher! After his mother's death, Eddie lost his freakin mind! So he got himself a new hobby. Creating stuff from human body parts! He would exhume corpses from local graveyards and make stuff out of the bones and skin and lips. When the law finally caught up to ole Eddie, he confessed to murdering two woman to gain a fresh body! He was deemed insane (ya think?) and sentenced to life in an insane asylum! He died in 1984 and was buried next to his mother in an unmarked grave. 7.)Libra's are the least likely to break the law. As a rule, those of this sign like harmony and balance. However, some will say that Libra's are actually the worst of the worst if they turn to the dark side. Lee Harvey Oswald, Lawrence Bittaker, and Andrei Chikatilo - The Soviet Butcher, are three such psychotic Libra's. If your sign is Libra, you would stand in the company of: bittaker_201Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker - aka The Tool Box Killers Lawrence, and his side kick Roy Lewis Norris, are American serial killers who became known as the Tool Box Killers because their instruments of torture and murder were kept in an ordinary tool box. Together they kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered five teenage girls over a period of five months in 1979. Lawrence was described as "the most disturbing individual' that the FBI had ever profiled. Lawrence was given the death sentence while Norris got life for agreeing to testify against his partner.  8.)Pisces are self-destructive and engage in vices that cause them pain. They are often involved in drugs and alcohol in order gain such hurt and may even dabble in drug related crimes. But a Pisces that enters the dark side can become one of the most dangerous criminals to roam the planet. If crazed enough, this sign gravitates right into serial murder! John Wayne Gacy and Richard Ramirez were two of the most dangerous and Osama Bin Laden was born a Pisces as well. If your sign is Pisces, you would stand in the company of: gacy1John Wayne Gacy Jr.  - aka The Killer Clown John Wayne Gacy, Jr. was an American serial killer and homosexual rapist who sexually raped, tortured and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978. All of Gacy's known murders were committed inside his house in Illinois. He would lure the boys to his house, subdue them and, after torturing them, would strangle them to death as he was sodomizing them. Then he buried their dead corpses in the crawl space under his house! He was sentenced to death and executed by lethal injection in 1994. 9.) Scorpio's  are the most evil of the signs. They have a wicked mystique about them and a dark, private side that is difficult to discern. They can be extremely sadistic, manipulative and secretive. Their sting is lethal. They are best as contract killers or assassins and will get someone else to do the dirty work for them if it means winning the wicked game they wish to play. If your sign is Scorpio, you would stand in the company of: 220px-David_Parker_RayDavid Parker Ray - aka The Toy Box Killer David Parker Ray was a suspected American serial killer, due to the fact that no bodies were ever found, but was most definitely a known torturer of women and a criminal sexual sadist! He was accused, by his own accomplices, of killing several women, but the authorities suspected him of at least 60! He committed his crimes in the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico from a sound proof trailer he called his "Toy-Box." He would capture his prey and render them unconscious. When they came to, they were naked, gagged, blindfolded and chained. Then he would play a recorded message for them, informing them of the sadistic, sexual torture they were about to encounter! You can read the transcript here, but be WARNED! It is very graphic. David Parker Ray was given 224 years for his crimes. He died three years into that sentence. 10.) Leo's tend to commit crimes for the sheer recognition of it. They love to be in the spotlight and in control. They rarely commit petty crimes. Leos are usually quite dangerous and known by their complex criminal activities. Leos can have a highly explosive temper. Mussolini and Rasputin are just two examples of dangerous people born under this sign. If your sign is Leo, you would stand in the company of: onoprienko_052Anatoly Yuriyovych Onoprienko  - aka Citizen O Anatoly is a Soviet serial killer responsible for 52 murders. He was arrested in 1996. While in custody he confessed to all of the murders and claimed that he killed due to the commands given him by the voices in his head! Voices that told him he was being groomed to serve Satan! He would choose an isolated house, gain entrance and simply murder everyone, men, women and the children, all with his rifles. He would then set the house on fire and kill any witnesses that happened upon him. He was sentenced to death in 1999, but that was commuted to life. He died while incarcerated in 2013. 11.) Aquarius' are a peaceful lot and would most likely be a victim rather than have one. However, as with any of the signs, they can also have a very dark and dangerous side. They are quite smart and would be great as hackers, hustlers or con artists, which mainly enlists the characteristic of a master manipulator. They also commit 'revenge' related crimes. Gary Ridgway and John Lee Malvo are two good examples of Aquarius' that went to the dark side. If your sign is Aquarius, you would stand in the company of: Gary_Ridgway_Mugshot_11302001Gary Leon Ridgway - aka The Green River Killer Gary  Ridgway is an American serial killer that was convicted of 48 murders but, once apprehended, he confessed to nearly twice that many. Police believe as many as seventy five. Gary says he lost track, there were so many. As part of a plea bargain he confessed to one more murder, bringing the total number of convictions to 49. This has made him the most prolific American serial killer in history with confirmed kills. He murdered numerous women and girls between 1982 and 1998. He would gain them, rape them, strangle them and discard the body, only to return later and have sex with their dead corpse. He escaped death by revealing the dump sites of his victims. He was given 49 consecutive life sentences with no chance of parole. 12.) Gemini's are not known for taking things too seriously and they’re generally seen as thieves or con artists. They are the least dangerous of the zodiac signs. But, if they roll into the dark side, they can be some of the most dangerous criminals alive. The most recognized Gemini's in history are Jeffrey Dahmer and David Berkowitz, both as horrific as a criminal can get. If your sign is Gemini, you would stand in the company of: dahmer fbJeffrey Lionel Dahmer - aka The Milwaukee Cannibal Jeffrey was an American serial killer and sex offender. He murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He would lure his victims into his apartment, drug them and bind them. He would kill them and have sex with their dead bodies, before dismembering them and eating part of their flesh. He was convicted and sentenced to life without parole but was murdered in prison by a cell mate in 1994. Oh... FYI...Donald Trump is a Gemini!