He Wouldn’t Make Eye Contact with Her During Sex. So She Cut His ‘Part’ Off

woman-cuts-off-penis-134 year old Shania Jones, of Scottsdale, Arizona, told investigators that she ‘was sick of the man.’ “The man” being her boyfriend ‘Bruce Fox.” So, when he refused to make eye contact with her while engaging in sex, she’d had enough! She went off the deep end and cut his penis off in a fit of anger!

The attack took place in Bruce’s home. According to ‘Mr. Fox,’ he and Shania were having sex. Suddenly, and to his surprise, Shania jumped up, grabbed a kitchen knife and sliced off the tip of his penis!

Shania left immediately, leaving poor ‘Bruce” to lay there alone and bleed out on the bed!

‘Bruce” was able to get a call out for help and soon the emergency services arrived at his home. EMT’s were able to stem the flow of blood before he lost consciousness and he was rushed to the Scottsdale Liberty Hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Lieutenant Mike Alvarez told reporters:

“A woman was arrested at her home on September 1st, 2016, after a male alleged that she severed part of his genitals during sexual intercourse. After questioning, the woman admitted to the crime, claiming that she lost her temper after the man refused to make eye contact with her. She has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and a bail of $15,000 has been set.” (end quote)

Shania Jones is expected to plead guilty. She faces up to 8 years in prison.

credit – southtips