Wicked Women – Five Very Wicked Women

1.) Myra Hindley


Wicked Women Among Us

Our ‘wicked women’ murders start out with serial killer, Myra Hindley, described by one psychologist as an “arch-manipulator with a massive superiority complex”. Along with her accomplice, Ian Brady,  Myra kidnapped, tortured, raped and eventually murdered five children. (ages 10-17) Hindley was also considered a “sexually sadistic psychopath.” She was arrested for three murders but soon after her arrest, confessed to two more murders She plead not guilty to all of the murders. (ugh!) She was however found guilty and sentenced to life. She was never paroled, although she tried hard to be released, and she died in prison in 2002.

2.) Beverley Allitt

beverley-allitt-9In only 59 days, English born serial killer Beverly Allitt killed 4 children, the youngest victim two months old, the oldest two years old, and attempted to murder 4 more! She became known as the “Angel of Death.” As a state enrolled Nurse, Allitt was able to carry out her horrific deeds at her leisure and desire. She would use large amounts of insulin or air bubbles in the veins.

She received 13 life sentences for the crimes. It was stated that Beverly was “a serious danger and would most likely never be released.” Well, that’s a relief!

3.) Karla Homolka

wicked women

Wicked Women Walking Free

Karla Homolka, one of the most wicked women you will ever read about, helped, and in fact encouraged her husband, the Scarborough Serial Rapist, to carry out his brutal sexually sadistic fantasies and participated with him in three kidnappings, torturers, rapes and murders herself. Most of which was caught live on video recordings that the couple had made for themselves. You know, to enjoy later while cuddling on the couch.

When finally caught, Karla very cunningly made a deal with the authorities, that said she would reveal everything and testify against her husband for just 12 years in a mental hospital, rather than a prison. Plus be able to be paroled in just three years for good behavior. (Guess who’s a good girl now) The deal was made and evidently carved in stone because once Karla took the witness stand against her husband, she freely described every depraved ‘act’, most of which she was acting in or filming without pause, ‘ and she was still set free after serving her ‘time’. It was stated that the deal that was cut with Homolka was one that was quickly regretted and possibly the worst deal ever made with a crime witness! Geez, ya think? Today she lives as free citizen, maybe somewhere near you!

4.) Jeanne Weber

jeanne-weber-7The Ogress. That’s what they called her.

This woman, Jeanne Weber, was truly one very wicked woman. Her victims were all children.

Her sister-in-law’s two little girls! Her brother’s son! Her OWN three children! Three  children she was baby sitting! and an innkeeper’s son! All under the age of 9!

Her method? She would strangle them all to death.

Weber was charged with 10 counts of murder but was found not guilty because she was deemed insane. She was locked away in an asylum for the rest of her life.

But that would only be for ten years. Ironically enough, she strangled herself to death.  

5.) Theresa Knorr

wicked women

Wicked Women

Theresa Knorr was one woman that obviously did not need to have kids.

Unfortunately, at least for two of them, and probably all of them, she did. She had five.

She was extremely abusive to say the least. But her daughters would receive the brunt of her evil spirit over the years and her boys would avoid her wickedness by obeying her every command. Even if that meant murder.

And it did.

First would come the beatings. The boys would hold their sisters to the floor while Theresa whiled brutality from above. She shot her oldest daughter in the chest and left her for dead on the kitchen floor. When she recovered, Theresa, used a knife to remove the bullet so no evidence would exist of the event, leading to an infection and delirium. Theresa ordered the boys to burn her body with gasoline, while she was still alive.

Her second daughter was beaten, handcuffed and put in a narrow closet. The other children were ordered to not open the door for any reason. They obeyed and the girl died of starvation. Her body was crammed into a cardboard box and tossed to the side of a road.

Theresa Knorr was arrested in 1993 and was sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

pic credit – Murderpedia / Wikipedia