What He Really Did To His Victims.

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

(Warning! Graphic)

dahmerJeffrey Dahmer was a convicted serial rapist and serial killer who murdered 17 young, mostly gay men and boys in Ohio and Milwaukee Wisconsin between 1978 – 1991.

His crimes consisted of rape, sodomy, necrophilia, dismemberment and cannibalism.

Jeffrey’s methods for killing were pretty much the same for each victim once he was on a roll. He would lure his victims to his apartment with the promise of money for posing nude in photographs for him, for having sex or just watching a movie and drinking beer. (Whatever line would work to gain him a particular man) He would then subdue his victim with a drink laced with sleeping pills. He would sometimes rape the unconscious victim and then strangle them to death. Many would lay on the floor, where they had died, for several hours (sometimes days) allowing him (Jeffrey) to engage in necrophilia (sex with the corpse) at his leisure before he would slice them open. The warmth and smell of the body laid open before him would turn him on and give him an erection. After having sex with the body again, he would then behead and dismember the corpse. Some of the body parts and organs were kept in the refrigerator or freezer for later consumption. He (Jeffrey) would state that by eating parts of his victims he felt they came back to life in him and he would be with them forever that way. Other body parts, like the torsos, were placed in acid to destroy them while some bones, genitals, hands and sculls were kept as trophies. Some parts were simply tossed in the regular trash and taken away by the garbage men each week. All parts of the murders and dismemberments were recorded via Polaroid snapshots or filming.

One of the most noteworthy ‘insanities’ of Jeffrey’s was his desire to have a ‘zombie sex slave.’ He would describe this desire as wanting a living man who would allow him his extreme sexual perversions with complete submission and without resistance. As it were, Jeffrey wanted only to receive during sex acts, he had no desire to give, save but to have oral sex on a corpse. So, with several of his victims, he drilled a hole in their skull while they were still alive and poured acid or boiling water into the hole in an attempt to create this living, breathing, basically brain-dead sex slave.

WTF ? And they said this dude was sane! These victims died, but not for a while, and it was, without doubt, an excruciatingly painful and slow way to die.  So I personally don’t care what the experts say. ‘That’s just plain insane!’

After his arrest, Jeffrey was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder and a psychotic disorder. But, they deemed him sane and able to stand trial and quite capable of understanding every bit of it and the crimes he had committed. He received 16 life sentences for his crimes.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims were:

dahmer victimsSteven Hicks, 18, Steven Tuomi, 25, James Doxtator, 14, Richard Guerrero, 22, Anthony Sears, 24, Raymond Smith, 32, Edward Smith, 27,  Ernest Miller, 22, David Thomas, 22, Curtis Straughter, 17, Errol Lindsey, 19,Tony Hughes, 31, Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14, Matt Turner, 20, Jeremiah Weinberger, 23, Oliver Lacy, 24 and  Joseph Bradehoft, 25.

The officers that discovered Jeffrey’s apartment and photographed the crime scene no doubt still have nightmares over what they had to encounter. Below are a few of the less graphic pictures, but you will def get the idea of what he really did to his victims. Be warned. They are not pleasant. And remember too that he did not dispose of the bodies immediately after the kill. They were everywhere, in one form or another, throughout his small apartment, all the time.

Jeffery-Dahmer-victim2Jeffery-Dahmer-victim3 Jeffery-Dahmer-victim6 Jeffery-Dahmer-acid7







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pic credit – disturbing horror – live leak – murderpedia