21 Year Old Commits Suicide-Live on Webcam!

A 21-year-old Swedish man hanged himself and broadcast it live over the internet via his webcam! Marcus_JannusI'm sitting here now and I'm going to kill myself. I wonder where I'll end up... Perhaps life was a test to see how long one can endure? If I'm reborn I hope at least I won't be born in this time (and not before either) or on this planet. Love my whole family more than anything, but honestly I can't live for someone else's sake...I don't think my life is bad at all, it's actually really good. But sometimes it's just too hard. Can't write any more now. Good bye :) One evening in October of 2010, Marcus Jannes, a student from Stockholm and a young man who suffered from loneliness due to his high functioning autism and social awkwardness, posted to a forum board that he was going to hang himself. He added that he'd already ingested pain killers and set up a webcam that would record the entire event and would post details to a FTP server so that people would be able to watch it. There were immediate responses of course and a few people did try to 'talk him down' and encourage him to get help. But others were just perfect representations of what kind of assholes human beings can truly be. Tossing out remarks that encouraged him to hasten his pace and accusing him of being an attention seeker and a troll. Several taunted him openly calling him a coward and daring him to get it done. Around 1:00 pm, Jannes stepped out of the webcam's view and it was at this time he posted his last words, "Alright, let's do it." Jannes then came back into view and proceeded to hang himself via a cable that he'd previously attached to a door jam. He slumped to the floor, his body shaking, his limbs and face turning purple before on lookers eyes. And then he stopped moving, his body going completely limp in his death. And, evidently, it was at this moment that on lookers realized that Marcus had not been kidding and had indeed just taken his own life before all who were tuned in. At 1:32 pm, someone asked the question, "Did someone call the police?" At 1:44 pm, someone finally did. At 2:06 pm the authorities entered the apartment and freed Marcus from his noose. Paramedics also arrived on the scene, but Marcus was already gone. The webcam video is below but please be WARNED. It is very disturbing to watch and viewer discretion is highly advised. Warning! Graphic! video credit -  live leak