Victim is Buried Alive, Up to His Neck, and Left To Die!

A serial killer that stalked victims in Hungry had a strange way of disposing of the bodies.

He would bind their hands behind their backs and bury them in the ground up to their necks.

But the ultimate “serial killer’s nightmare” happened when one of the would-be victims freed his hands and then dug himself out of his grave!

The victim told authorities that the alleged ‘serial killer’ had lured him into the woods with the intent of drinking some beers together. There was also another couple present, who apparently lived in the area.

After a few drinks, the three turned on him and bound his hands together behind his back. They then forced him into a hole that had sometime earlier been dug into the ground. They stole his money and a few possessions and forced him to reveal his bank pin number. Then they left, leaving a dog behind to guard the immobilized victim.

But the young man was not willing to wait quietly and worked at freeing his hands then clawed his way out of the would-be grave.

He managed to fight off the dog and race away through the woods. Covered in blood and mud, he made his way home and called the police.

The perpetrator  was arrested and soon came to admitted to the offence. But then he admitted to four more murders and led the police to four bodies buried in a large pit in an isolated spot on Csespel Island.