TOBY WILLIS – Reality TV Father of 12 Charged With Child Rape

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Toby Willis – Pic Credit – Daily Mail

Toby Willis, TLC reality show ‘The Willis Family’ star, has been arrested for allegedly raping an underage girl.

Willis, 46 years old, was taken into custody on Friday, September 9th and charged with one count of rape of a child.

He is being held without bail.


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations announced that they began investigating 46 year old Toby Willis, on Aug. 29, and discovered that he allegedly had a sexual encounter with an underage girl in Nashville about 12 years ago.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigations say “they arrested Willis in Greenville, Kentucky.” Willis tried to escape arrest by fleeing from his house but that didn’t work. He was arrested and has now been charged with one count of rape!

willis2TLC’s father of 12 is being held in the Muhlenberg County Jail in Kentucky without bond as a fugitive from justice! That’s what happens when you try to run, I guess. Toby will be moved to Cheatham County Jail back in Nashville, where he will also be held without bond.

Toby was once quoted as saying, “We wake up in the morning and say what’s gonna happen today? It just seems like the roller coaster goes up and down, up and down. After a while you quit trying to grab on and quit trying to steer, you just throw your hands up and go let’s just enjoy the ride.”

Hmmmmm? Maybe he should have just held on, practiced what he preached and let JESUS take the wheel! This might be a ‘carnival ride’ he should of thought through a LOT more thoroughly!

credit – people