The One That Nearly Got Away – Konerak Sinthasomphone

They said…if the officers hadn’t been homophobic or unsympathetic or if they hadn’t have been racist or just plain uncaring assholes, this 14 year old little boy would still be alive today.

konerak 3Konerak Sinthasomphone was born in a small country called Laos in 1976. He was the youngest of 8 children. Needing to get his wife, Somdy, and his children out of the communist country and away from the repression, Konerak’s father, Sounthone, built a canoe like vessel and, after drugging the youngest of the children, to keep them quiet so they would not make noise enough to alert communist soldiers, made their daring escape across the Mekong River to a refugee camp in Thailand. From there he made their way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in America, where he had relatives who were already rooted there and would aid them in beginning a new, free life.

Konerak grew up strong in Milwaukee. He did well in school. He played football and soccer. And he loved to draw. He was a happy, smiling young boy who liked fancy cars, Tom and Jerry cartoons and swimming with his buds. He was well adjusted in this strange country he was rescued into and life for this little boy was promising. Then something went terribly wrong and the very people this little boy screamed out to for help, delivered him,  –NAY – drug him-, straight to his premature death at the hands of a sadistic, sexually deranged monster.

On May 27th 1991, Konerak and his young friends had finished their game of soccer at a favored park and all were headed toward home. For whatever reason, Konerak detoured to the Grand Avenue Mall and, when he was last seen, he was engaged in a conversation with a much older man. What onlookers didn’t realize was that that ‘older man’ was using a fifty dollar bill, and obviously lies and deceit, to lure this child into going to his apartment with him. Being the sweet, happy boy that he was, Konerak agreed to accompany him.

Once the man had Konerak trapped inside his apartment, he drugged the small boy. The man then decided to attempt to turn the boy into a ‘zombie sex slave.’ Something that he’d only tried one other time, and it had failed. But this particular man was not about to surrender the idea. He had determined that he needed a boy or young man that would comply, without resistance, to his demented sexual requirements.

So he drilled a hole in Konerak’s head and injected muriatic acid into it. Then he sodomized the young man.

When the man finally realized that Konerak was not waking, he decided to step out for a while. He headed to the bars for a few drinks.

While the man was gone, Konerak came to and, bleeding from his anus and his head and with his body battered nearly beyond his capability to walk, somehow managed to get out of the strangers apartment and dragged himself out onto the city street in front of the apartment building. There, he dropped to the curb and lay crying, naked and confused.

Two young women saw Konerak and called 911, explaining the terrible appearance and the disturbing confusion of the young man. When the authorities finally got there, the man himself, returning from the bar, also arrived at the scene.

Without much effort, the man convinced the policemen that the man (Konerak, who was actually 14) was 19, that he was his house guest and lover and that they had had a quarrel. He said that he had stepped out for a bit so the young man could calm himself. He insisted it always happened when the two of them drank too much.

Much to the chagrin of the two girls, who stood protesting with the cops about not insisting the medics take the boy for obviously needed medical assistance, the officers actually picked the lad up under his arms and practically drug him back into the apartment.

After thanking the law for their assistance, and hurrying them away as quickly as possible, (due to the fact that a dead and rotting corpse lay just behind the closed bedroom door and he did not wish for them to go snooping around his home) the man turned his attentions back to Konerak, who sat slumped on the couch. Without delay, the man injected more acid into the boy’s brain and within the hour, 14 year old, Konerak Sinthasomphone was dead and would become the 13th victim of the Milwaukee Cannibal – Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer.







pic credit – murderpedia