Robert Hawkins – He Went to The Omaha Mall – For Murder


Robert Hawkins

He was a ticking time bomb by the age of four. By six, he was on medication for sever depression. By 14, after threatening to kill his grandmother, he was sent to the first mental health facility. By 19, now estranged from his family, he was ready to explode. And that is exactly what he did.

The Westroads Mall Massacre, in 2007, was the deadliest shooting spree in Nebraska since 1958.  Eight people died and four were wounded. Robert A. Hawkins then killed himself. And he was only 19 years old.

Before heading to the mall to carry out his intended murder-suicide mission, Robert wrote a note to his family, a note to his friends and a will.

“I just want to take a few pieces of shit with me… just think tho, I’m gonna be fuckin  famous.”

Hawkins entered the Von Maur department store carrying a stolen semi automatic rifle and two 30 round magazines hidden in a sweat shirt. He walked directly to the elevator and went to the third floor. When the doors opened, Robert stepped out and opened fire.

In  a six minute frenzy of gun fire, Robert murdered eight people and wounded four others before turning the gun to his own head and pulling the trigger.

No real reason was given other than the words of his suicide notes that said “he couldn’t take his meaningless existence anymore.”

pic credit – Murderpedia