The Demon The Children Called Dad…Eddie Lee Sexton

Father of the Year does NOT go to Eddie Lee Sexton of Canton Ohio. He was probably the worse example of an American father, or any other father for that matter, and that would include most of the serial killers on this site who have fathered children. Eddie was, however, one of the best examples of the sheer wickedness that surrounds us on all sides. Not only was this man the most abusive human being a child could have the misfortune of calling father, but his fucked up wife, Estella, was just as bad. (People would like to believe that this 'mother' was as much a victim as the children to the abuse that Eddie dished out, but the truth is that she was just as depraved as he, following along blindly, and enjoying it, like the demon minion she truly was.) sexton_eddie picFrom childhood, Eddie Lee was a troubled youth who wanted nothing more than to have complete control and ultimate domination over others. He was raised by a baptist preacher and so, in time, Eddie saw a pathway for his own selfish desires to be met, not to mention the advantage of having his follower's money flowing freely into his pockets. So he started a church. But it didn't last long. His parishioners couldn't seem to wrap their brains around his believes that grew more demonic and insane by the day. His congregation dwindled rapidly. But it didn't matter to Eddie. He had a congregation that was completely loyal to himself and his beliefs and his satanic rituals. Even if it were by force. And it was. Eddie ruled all 12 of his children and his wife with an iron fist and they would obey him and his ways or they would die. Literally. Eddie gained the unwavering loyalty of his 13 person congregation through extreme and calculated abuse, cruelty that was verbal and emotional and with vile, perverted and incestuous sex. Eddie would beat all of his children daily. He would pit them one against the other to keep them in line. He would use humiliating tactics to reduce his children's self esteem. He would marry his own very young daughters in family ceremonies then he, and his sick fuck of a wife, would 'consummate' the new marriage in the master bedroom with the new little girl bride. Eddie fathered three children with his own daughters and these youngsters too would be just as abused. He ordered the children to have sex with each other, he sodomized his sons and Estella had sex with them all. The entire family was forced to participate and practice Satanism and bloody animal sacrifices. Whatever Eddie commanded, the children did at once and without question. And, with the threat of death, by their own father's hand, constantly hangingExecution by hanging is, in all reality, strangulation. It restricts the person' air supply at the neck. Unconsciousness occurs between two and four minutes and death could take as long as ten minutes or more. This then is actually death by asphyxiation. over their heads if they ever spoke of the family 'secrets', all twelve children remained silent. Until one of the younger daughters, who had sometime before already taken her turn at 'marrying' her own father, thought she was pregnant. She knew, of course, that an older sister's children actually belonged to her father and she likewise knew, now that she herself was pregnant, that he would be moving on to 'marry' yet another of her little sisters. For one reason or another, she decided it was time to tell someone about the secrets in the home. She told a guidance counselor at her school that her father had raped her and an investigation was launched, resulting in the youngest six children being removed from the home. But, just as quickly as she had spoken of the sex her father had forced upon her, so did she just as quickly step forward to recant her allegations and insist that she was lying, making the whole thing up. All 11 of her siblings stood at her side insisting that Eddie was the perfect father. This slight revelation of the family truths to the outside world did stir a bit of fear in Eddie however and he allowed his daughter, Pixie, the one who had bore him two children, to marry a young man that was interested in her. (The new husband, Joel Good, however, did not consummate the marriage with Pixie. Eddie did. In fact, Joel would never have sex with his young wife because she would only ever have sex with her father.) But Joel did sign his name to Pixie's two babies birth records as the biological father, thus reducing the appearance of incest on the part of Eddie. With his daughter Pixie again pregnant and social services snooping way too close to his life, Eddie had to find a way to fall off the grid and escape the prying eyes of the outside world. He and his little group of 8 moved about from relative to relative for a while and, as he was able, he gathered back a few of his other children, that had been placed in foster homes, that he was able to get his hands on or convince to run away to him. In the end however, it would be in Florida, at a camp ground that Eddie would command the most from his children and set in motion a plan that he determined would remove prying eyes from his family forever and an escape from the authorities that were constantly on the search for him now. At this particular camp ground, there was a limit on the number of people allowed to stay on a particular site and Eddie's family was exceeding that number all the time. So Eddie and the family stayed very quiet and estranged from the other campers. Eddie's greatest fear now was that the law would be called on them for an unrelated reason and he and the family would be discovered and returned to Ohio to face sexual abuse and incest charges. So when Pixies baby, now about nine months old, started crying and would not be comforted, Eddie commanded Pixie to silence the boy. She did, without question. By placing her hand over the baby's mouth and nose, it did not take much to permanently quiet her infant son. Joel, Pixie's husband, was totally freaked by the child's sudden death but Eddie told him that it was SID's and that they were burying the baby's body in the woods near the camp grounds. Joel insisted that the law must be called and the death reported. He said he was leaving and going back to Ohio where he would be reporting the incident. At Eddie's command, Joel was strangled to death by his (Eddie) oldest son Willie, a mentally challenged young man, who was said to have had the understanding of an 8 year old child. Willie, who obeyed Eddie blindly, in order to avoid the harsh, sadistic and perverted sex and physical abuse that Eddie constantly dished out on him, was then ordered to cut off Joel's hands in order to hide the fact of who he was. But Willie was not able to dismember his limbs with the knife he had and so Eddie ordered Joel's body be buried in the woods. With that particular fear removed, Eddie next intended to murder an old man who resided alone in the camp grounds. He decided that he would then steal the man's camper and truck. He would assume his identity and off the whole fam damily would go again. He would be hidden inside a new name and destination and he could then continue his demented life as he wished. All would be good. It was not! Unbeknownst to Eddie, the FBI had found them. On the very day that Eddie intended to have Willie kill the handicapped old man, the police arrived and thwarted the whole damn plan. Eddie and Estella were finally caught. The games was over and all 12 canaries were now free to sing. And oh how they did sing! eddie lee sextonThis book is available if you would like to read more. Warning! The book is very revealing and graphic. The depravity of these parents is told quite boldly.     pic credit - murderpedia