She Killed the Kids Because He Was Leaving

Angelica Alvarez was 27 when she decided that she wanted to end her life.

But first she had something to do.

angelica-alvarez-11And that was to strangle all 4 of her young children to death.

Before strangling her two little girls and her two little boys, she wrote a note. It said that due to her husband choosing to leave her and the fact that she didn’t feel she could take care of the children on her own, she had chosen a different option for coping. ┬áDeath for all. Murder for the children, suicide via sleeping pills for her.

It was believed that she had first drugged the children then had systematically strangled each of them. But a toxicology report would state differently.

And so would would a judge, who said she was competent to stand trial.

Her attorney would state that she had mental health issues.

The court saw it a bit different. They contended that she had a clear conscious throughout. She planned the event and then she executed it. Plain and simple. It was called murder and punishable by death.

They gave her life without parole instead.