She Ate Her Husband AND the Neighbor AND a Few Strangers Inbetween

This grandmother was anything but sweet. In fact she was a regular bitch!

As she sat before a judge she told him she’d been waiting on her day in court for years! And a lot of them. Several dozen. Her diary would prove she wasn’t lying!  In fact it would help prove that this old lady from Russia was a serial killer who murdered, dismembered and ate 14 people, one of whom was her husband. (He’d gone missing 10 years prior to Granny’s arrest.)

russian ladyWhen Tamara Samsonova was seen carrying the remains of her neighbor’s body down the elevator in a black plastic bag, it prompted a police investigation that would reveal a horror that no one would expect from a 68 year old woman.

Samsonova was arrested for murdering her friend, 79-year-old Valentina Ulanova. She drugged the poor soul and then cut her up while she was still breathing! (They’d had a fight over a dirty cup or something really really important like that. Evidently a crime deserving of death and dismemberment. Geez! How dirty was the freakin cup? )

Anyway, after cutting the neighbor up and decapitating her, she carried the body parts down the elevator and discarded them near a pond.

During the investigation of Samsonova’s apartment, authorities came across a business card of a man whose body was found decapitated and dismembered on the street near her home nearly twelve years ago.

Diary entries would describe killings, dismemberment’s and disposal of bodies over several dozen years.

One entry vividly described killing a man in her apartment building, cutting him to pieces, putting the body parts in a bag and then just throwing them away.

She told the judge that all of the murders were done with intent and that with the murder of her neighbor she had closed that chapter of her life.

And that’s probably cool by the judge – the chapter being finished and all – because now he was about to throw the whole damn book right at her!