Shawn Grate – Ohio Serial Killer Behind Bars – Could Link to 5 Deaths


A homeless Ohio man who was charged with two murders on September 13th could now be linked to the slayings of up to five different women and leaves little room for doubt that a serial killer has been moving free among us for way too long.

Shawn M. Grate, 41, was captured earlier in September after a woman he had kidnapped and tied up in an abandoned house was able to get a desperate 911 call made while her captor slept just a few feet away.
After Shawn Grate was taken into custody, police searched the abandoned house he was occupying at the time and found the bodies of Stacey Stanley, 43, and Elizabeth Griffith, 29, two women who had been reported missing.
grate-womenStacey Stanley, from Greenwich, Ohio, had been missing since September 8. Elizabeth Griffith was killed between August 16 and September 13, 2016.
Grate has been charged with 23 crimes, including two murders, multiple counts of rape, kidnapping, and gross abuse of two corpses. He pleaded not guilty through his attorney. Grate faces two death penalty charges.
New information could link Shawn Grate to three other killings in surrounding areas of north-central Ohio.
After Shawn was initially arrested, he led police to a third body found near the rubble of a burned home in Richland County, which neighbors Ashland County. Richland County Chief Investigator said the unidentified body had been in the woods since June 6, 2016. DNA testing is underway to confirm the body's identity.
Due to the new information, and the arrest of Shawn Grate, the case of another woman's death has been reopened. Rebekah Leicy's body was found in a wooded area in Ashland County on March 16, 2015. It was previously believed that she died from a drug overdose. The original autopsy also noted a series of abrasions on the woman's face, arms and right leg. These wounds are now drawing attention to her case.
grate-arrestGrate could also be linked to the slaying of an unidentified woman, whose body was found in 2007 in Marion, Ohio. Shawn told the investigators that she was the first woman he killed.
He described her as "tall, thin, early 20's with good teeth." Grate told authorities that he lured the woman into his vehicle by pretending he was interested in a magazine purchase. After stabbing her, he said that he took her to the basement of his Marion, Ohio residence. He said he hid her there until his mother started complaining about not getting her magazine she'd ordered. He said that it was at this point he discarded her body. That was 2003.
Via his attorney, Shawn M Grate has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The investigation of course is in full speed ahead and an Ohio serial killer could be looking at death again. This time, his own!
credit - time / cnn