The Bradford Bishop Murders: The True Story of Killer William Bishop

At just 39 years old, United States Foreign Service Officer, William Bradford Bishop, had it all. A loving wife, three young boys and an adoring mother who resided with the family to help out with the children. But it was ‘the’ promotion that he really wanted. One he thought he deserved and was sure he would get. But then he didn’t.

When he was denied the promotion, he made some fast life changes. Starting with murdering, and burning, his entire family and vanishing from the face of the earth.


Unfortunately, United States Foreign Service Officer, William Bradford Bishop, was told that he would not be getting the promotion he was sure he had and even more certain he deserved. After receiving the news, William left the office and went to the Montgomery Mall. While there he purchased a ball-peen hammer and a gas can. He drove to the gas station and filled the car, and the gas can, with gas.

Williams then drove home, and using the ball-peen hammer, methodically murdered every member of his family. He started with his wife then moved on to his three sons. He completed the task by murdering his own mother by bashing her scull in with a hammer. Then he took a shower.

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