Slipping Into Darkness

Slipping Into Darkness is the story of an unknown evil that has somehow taken a grip on Abby Stewart. She struggles to understand her magnetic attachment to a hundred-year-old walking stick that is keeping her spellbound and wrestling with the darkness that seems to have taken control of her mind.

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Abby is an avid walker and lover of nature living in southern Louisiana. She and her husband are set in their retirement,  enjoying their family and routines. At least that’s what Abby thinks. Then the dreams, dreams compelling her to find the perfect walking stick, begin. And then came the series of peculiar and tragic events.

The evil behind these events intensifies as the days pass and Abby feels it lurking in the shadows of her mind. She can feel it as things around her spin out of control and she finds herself slipping into darkness.

Skeptical of those around her, Abby fights to regain control of her life and discover the truth of the evil before it’s too late.

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