Murdered In Their Beds: The Story of The Villisca Axe Murders

The true story of the Villisca Axe Murders, the Moore Family Massacre, along with the history and the hauntings that followed, but another story as well. It is a tale of madness, murder, horror and blood and the story of the “transient butcher” who wreaked havoc in the American Midwest and then vanished into history, his name and face forever unknown. (Amazon)


The small town of Villisca received an unwelcome visitor one dark night in 1912 and the town was touched by a horror unlike anything that it had seen before or since. Over the years, the brutal murders committed that night have earned a place in infamy and they remain the most famous in a series of murders that were committed across the prairie during that era.

But that night in June was not the first time that the monster who committed the “Villisca Ax Murders” had tasted blood. He blazed a terrible trail across the region in the years before and after the Villisca murders, using the railroad lines to carry out his horrific deeds. (Amazon)

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