Deadly Lust

Deadly Lust: In the late 1980’s, St. Augustine, Florida was home to a twisted killer that would begin preying on the women of the city’s red-light district, known locally as Crack Head Corner. Over the next ten years, family man William Darrell Lindsay, would use this area as his own personal hunting ground, brutally raping and killing prostitutes in his attempt to satisfy his seemingly unquenchable need for sexual depravity.

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In April of 1997, William Darrell Lindsey, a former construction worker, was charged with murdering a prostitute in Asheville, North Carolina. Shortly thereafter he became the main suspect in the killings of seven Florida women since 1983. The seven victims, two of whom have yet to be found, were all from the St. Augustine area and the manner of their deaths could only have come from the sex driven serial killer that William had somehow, somewhere along the way, become.


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