Christopher Wilder: The True Story of The Beauty Queen Killer

Christopher Wilder: The True Story of The Beauty Queen Killer by Jack Rosewood

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From the middle of the 1960’s until 1984, Christopher Wilder sexually assaulted countless women and murdered at least nine in Australia and the United States. The beauty queen killer was not only a true psychopath, but also a hunter as he carefully chose attractive girls and young women to victimize.

But Wilder was no creepy looking killer; he was an attractive, articulate man who used a camera and offers of a modelling career to get his unsuspecting, naïve victims to remote locations where he would then rape, torture and ultimately kill them.

The Beauty Queen Killer is an intriguing look at an Australian/American serial killer who appeared to have it all. But as this captivating tale will reveal, nothing was ever enough for the beauty queen killer as he murdered his way across the United States in order to satisfy his sadistic lust. (Amazon)

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