Pedro Rodrigues Filho – Vigilante or the Worst Serial Killer in Brazil?


Pedro Rodrigues Filho

PEDRO FILHO – “Little Peter the Killer”

Little Peter was born on a farm in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, south of Minas Gerais. Due to his father’s physical abuse of his mother, Pedro was born with a skull injury. His father had punched his mother in the abdomen while she was carrying him and thus it may be concluded that this injury was a contributing factor in Pedro’s gravitation toward violent crimes.

Admittedly, his first thought of murder was an impulse move. Pedro stated that this first urge to kill happened when he was just 13 years old. He was fighting with a cousin and he damn near killed the boy by shoving him into a sugar cane press.


Pedro may have subconsciously tried to kill his cousin but, by the grace of God, the child did not perish. However, Pedro’s second attempt was very much thought out! And obviously, the flame in ‘Little Peter the Killer’ had been ignited by the first event and would not be quenched any time soon. At the age of 14, he murdered the vice-Mayor of Alfenas. The man had accused Pedro’s father of stealing food from the school, where he was a school guard. He then fired him. Pedro was quite pissed about this and exacted his revenge by murdering the man. And it didn’t stop there. Pedro then sought out the true thief and killed him dead as well.

Pedro took refuge in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo. There he survived by dealing drugs and stealing. He also met a woman named Maria. He and Maria lived together until they were attacked by drug dealers and Maria was killed. Pedro managed to escape death but in the process he was ignited to hatred again.


In an insane commitment to avenge the death of Maria, Pedro tortured and murdered anyone who would cross his path in an attempt to keep him from finding the man, or men, who had caused Maria’s death. Before it was over, Pedro had left eight dead bodies in his wake and many more injured for life. At the young age of 18, Pedro had already claimed the lives of ten humans and the vigilante trend had just begun to break the surface.

Before leaving Mogi das Cruzes, Pedro would exact revenge one more time. This time it would be for his own mother. Pedro’s father had been arrested and was sitting in a local jail for the murder of his wife, Pedro’s mom. His father had murdered his mother with a machete. Pedro’s reciprocated by hacking his father to death while he sat in jail. Pedro then cut open the man’s chest, ripped out his heart and took a bite. Vengeance was his again.


Pedro was finally arrested on May 24th in 1973 and sentenced to prison. In such an event, one would think that the murder spree of Peter the Little Killer would come to an abrupt halt. But that was so not the case. In fact, just the opposite. While incarcerated, Pedro managed to murdered at least 47 inmates, hardened criminals deserving of death! At least to Pedro’s way of thinking. His total confirmed victims was 71, but Pedro later claimed a total of 100.

In 1973, Pedro was originally sentenced to 126 years in prison. But, due to the number of crimes that he committed while in prison, in 2003 he was given a total of 400 years in all. The Brazilian law system, however, prohibits anyone from spending more than 30 years imprisoned.

Pedro was released from prison, after serving 34 years, in April of 2007. He left for Fortaleza in Ceará, where he went to work as a house keeper.

He was arrested again in 2011, for accusations of false imprisonment and riots.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho, Little Peter, was not only recognized in Brazil for the sheer number of his crimes and murders but also for the well verbalized promising of the deaths by murder of other criminals, including well known serial killers.

Evidently, much like the drive in a serial killer, the drive in a vigilante would somehow appear quite the same.

credit – the body report