Otto Stephen Wilson / Compulsion Toward Blood-Lust and Death

Otto Steven Wilson

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Otto Stephen Wilson

On November 15th, in 1944, in a seedy downtown area of Los Angels, California, Otto Stephen Wilson was up to no good.

In a run-down hotel, at the corner of Fourth and Main Streets, hours after Otto had left the establishment, a maid discovered the mutilated body of a prostitute.

The street walker had been slashed open from her throat to her vagina and her entrails had been pulled out of her body. Her breasts had been cut off and an arm and a leg were partly severed.

Virginia Lee Griffin - Otto Stephen Wilson

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Virginia Lee Griffin, age 25, had unwittingly walked with Otto back to the hotel room and within minutes was bludgeoned, stabbed and mutilated.

Otto was forced to flee the scene of his crime when the disposal unit he was using became clogged with cartilage and bone from her dismembered leg.
The murder weapon, a razor-sharp carving knife, he left behind and lay near the body.

A Second Murder Reported

A second mutilation murder was reported in another downtown hotel only three blocks away. The victim was another prostitute. It was 38 year old, Lillian Johnson. Her mutilations were less severe, but she was slashed from throat to knees.

deathinvestigations006-2Witnesses from both hotels gave very similar descriptions to the police.

The officers took the information, creating a dragnet around a twenty-block area.

One officer spotted a man, matching the description, in a Fourth Street bar. The man was sitting in a booth in deep conversation with a brunette in a tight red dress. He lit his cigarette with a matchbook from the hotel where Griffin had been killed.

The police arrested Otto Stephen Wilson and found that his fingerprints matched those found at both crime scenes. Otto first denied the allegations against him. But, then he turned and calmly confessed to both killings, admitting his compulsion toward blood lust.

Otto Stephen Wilson

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He told police that his first wife had left him because he would creep up on her when she was naked and slash at her buttocks with a razor. His favorite past time was kissing and licking the blood away while he apologized for his odd behavior. He stated that the fantasies had gotten out of control when he picked up the two prostitutes.

Otto Stephen Wilson was executed n the gas chamber of San Quentin Prison in September of 1946.





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