The Mysterious Unsolved Murders in Cabin 28 – No Suspects


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The mysterious Keddie Murders of 1981 remain, to this day, an unsolved, quadruple mass murder of four innocent and unsuspecting people in a home called Cabin 28.

The strange killings took place in a private residence located at a former resort-town in the foothills of Northern California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. The crime, it would appear, took place in the late hours of April 11th or in the very early morning hours of April 12th.

The victims, all apparently present in the living room area of the cabin, were 36 year old Glenna Sharp, her 15 year old son, John, and John’s friend, Dana Wingate, age 17.


Well, here’s how the story goes.

keddie resort

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‘Keddie’ was a small town in the mountains of Northern California. It was, at one time, a thriving resort community. It was made up of log cabins and was, in it’s day, a town that proved ideal for raising up a family.

But, like most places that don’t necessarily shift with tides, Keddie too lost it’s luster and no longer pulled in the necessary revenue to keep it appealing to ‘those with money.’

By the 1980s, Gary Mollath, the owner of the ‘resort’ at the time, had little choice but to start renting out his cabins to low-income families. This, in and of itself, did not overly darken the ‘resort’, nor did the rumors of minor drug use and users overly concern the residence who lived there. All in all, Keddie was still an okay place to reside.

But, on April 12th, 1981, all of that changed with the rising of the sun

On April 11th, Glenna Sharp, a 36-year-old mother of five, who had rented Cabin 28 since November of 1980, agreed to let a 12 year old friend of her kids, Justin, spend the night with her 10 year old son, Ricky and his 5 year old little brother, Greg. Her 12-year-old daughter, Tina, was also in for the evening.

Glenna’s oldest daughter, 14-year-old Sheila, was away for the night at a sleep over at Cabin 27, right next door. The oldest child, 15-year-old John and his 17 year old friend, Dana Wingate, were nearby in the town of Quincy hanging out with friends for the evening. They too would eventually be joining the others in Cabin 28 before the night would end. All was right with Glenna Sharp and so too then with all of Keddie.

But, before morning, all of that right would be wrong!

It is believed that John and Dana may have hitchhiked home from Quincy and either led, or possibly brought the killer or killers, unknowingly, straight through the cabin door! Or perhaps the teenagers came in on Glenna being attacked. No one truly knows exactly how, or even why, the murderer or murderers chose Glenna’s family or her home. But the cold hard truth is that Glenna, John and Dana were brutally massacred in Cabin 28 before the sun rose on April 12th, and little Tina Sharp, who was now nowhere to be found, had apparently been kidnapped!

glenna sharp

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The autopsy reports revealed that all three victims were bound at the wrists and ankles with medical tape and electrical wire. Mother and son were bludgeoned with a claw hammer and stabbed repeatedly, in a fashion of overkill. Dana was strangled to death but he too had suffered the violent blow to his skull and was stabbed several times.

When Sheila returned home the next morning at around 8:30 am, she discovered the gruesome sight. She ran back to the neighbor’s and called the police.

Fearfully, Sheila then hurried back to the cabin and around to the window of the younger boy’s bedroom. Much to her relief, she found all three boys unharmed. She helped all of them climb through the window and instructed them to run to the neighbors. Incredibly, Justin, Ricky nor Greg were john sharpharmed during the attack and in fact claimed to have slept through the entire ordeal.


More questions than answers came from the investigation of the murders and rumors, to this day, abound regarding this strange massacre at Keddie.

It would appear that only one person ever claimed to have heard screams coming from the direction of Cabin 28, but the fact remains that all of the cabins sat just a few feet away from each other and most residents reported being home that evening.

So why didn’t anyone else hear anything? And how did two pre-teens and a five year old not hear anything either? They were practically in the same room with the murderers! And why was only one child taken instead of all four?

The answers to those questions just never came and the Sharp Murders remain a complete mystery with no persons of interest as yet. It would appear that this crime would forever go unsolved!

In 1984, Tina Sharp’s skull was found about 30 miles from Keddie. It was concluded that she was most likely killed just hours after she was kidnapped from Cabin 28. The rest of her body has never found!