Who Do VooDoo – Latarsha Sanders Do VooDoo – Killing Her Two Baby Boys!

According to Fox News - On Tuesday - February 6th 2018 - A Massachusetts mother, Latarsha Sanders, who was arrested after she stabbed her two young sons to death, told police that she "attacked them as part of a voodoo ritual." Latarsha SandersLatarsha Sanders, 43, claimed she first stabbed her eldest son Marlon, just 8 years old, during the ritual but "it came out wrong,'" she insisted. She then reportedly went after her 5-year-old son, Larson. Her reason being that she had failed the ritual with the first attempt on Marlon. She also added that she felt bad for what she had done. The autopsy revealed that she had stabbed the 8 year old 50 times with a kitchen knife.  She later said that she mopped up the blood, cleaned both of the boys bodies, then placed them in their beds.
Latarsha Sanders and Voodoo
Police arrived at the home of Latarsha Sanders on Monday afternoon, after a neighbor called 911 to report a medical emergency. Both little boys were found dead. Police believe the 'voodoo ritual', resulting in the children's murders, took place within the last 48 hours. The boys were last seen on Saturday by their grandmother. A neighbor told the Boston Herald that she saw Latarsha Sanders telling another resident to call the ambulance. She told reporters that “the ambulance driver put Latarsha on the stretcher and all of a sudden she started screaming and kicking around.” Another neighbor came out and said, ‘I think she killed her babies.’” Latarsha Sanders was arrested after openly speaking with police, giving enough in her statement that 'can be construed as admission of this horrific crime.” Read the whole story on Fox News