The Children of Killers.

joseph killingerJoseph Killinger had a childhood right out of hell. He was placed in a foster home soon after birth and the abuse began by both his foster mother and foster father. As he grew, so did the abuse he would come to endure.  Being locked away in closets, consuming excrement, being starved, being burned and whipped were the norm where Joseph lived.

Joseph was married twice and fathered seven children, all of whom he treated as harshly as he had been treated all his life. In 1972, he was arrested for child abuse and it was the shoemakerwhile he was in jail that he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenia. Two years after his release, Joseph murdered his son, Joseph, Jr., by drowning him. His son Michael was his accomplice. Later that same year, Joseph, once again accompanied by his 13 year old son, Michael, would begin a crime spree that would last six weeks and cover three states. Their crimes would include robbery, kidnapping, torture and murder.

Pretending to be salesmen, Joseph and his son would get into the house then assault, sexually abuse the members of the family, and rob them. Together they murdered three people.

When they were caught Joseph was given life but Micheal, who was under the complete control of his obviously insane father, was sent to reform school. When he was released at 21, he had his name changed and left the area, determined to hide himself forever.

Joseph died while incarcerated in 1996.