The Children of Killers.

gacy familyJohn Wayne Gacy married his first wife, Marlynn Myers in 1964. They had two children. Christine and Michael. After John’s first incarceration for sodomizing a young boy and receiving ten years in prison, Marlynn took the children and left. She divorced him in 1996. Gacy never saw any of them again.

He then married his second wife, Carole Hoff, in 1972 and she and her two young daughters moved in with Gacy. That marriage lasted only 4 years, with Caroll divorcing Gacy in 1996. They had no children together.

It would be in 1999 that all of them, ex-wives and children alike, would learn that their father was a serial killer who had raped, tortured and killed more than 33 young men and boys, burying their bodies in the crawl space under his house! Their father was the notorious Killer Clown!