The Children of Killers.

mooreKeith Jesperson was a long-haul truck driver who, in 1995, was sentenced to  life in prison. The reason? Killing eight women over a five year span! all of which went undetected until he turned himself into authorities. His daughter, Melissa, learned that her father was the Happy Face Killer, a name he earned because of the smiley face pictures he would draw on his anonymous confession letters to the news papers and authorities describing his horrific murders, when she was 15 shattered silenceyears old. Throughout high school, she kept her secret, hiding the fact of who her father was and what he had done. After she had married, she wrote a book called Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer's Daughter and became an advocate for people who had either lost someone to a killer or was someone close to one.